Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This one goes out to the one I love

Robert was chosen as employee of the month. As a reward he was able to pick from several prizes some where a outdoor fire pit, golf clubs, watches, a night at a european marriot, camping equipment, etc. He chose the cuisinart!
"It's party time. It's one thing when you're preparing food for yourself or for your immediate family. But when your friends and extended family are coming over, you need power and size to simplify food prep. After all, there's enough love and skill that goes into creating dishes you want to share. The process of preparation needs to be simpler, easier. That's when you need this.The Custom 14-cup Processor offers a heavy-duty motor that ensures consistent chopping, slicing and shredding of your ingredients. It will also knead up to 3 pounds of dough. Famous for having the largest feed tube on the market, minimizing the need to precut ingredients. Includes a instructional video and recipe book to get you started. That's the core purpose of cuisine as art. That's why you need this Cuisinart Food Processor. It's the vital tool for when friends come over and you want to do and be your best. Are you ready to party? Detachable Disc Stem Spatula Cuisinart How-to Video / Instruction Manual / Recipe Book Dependability is supported by Cuisinart's Full 5-year Motor Warranty and Limited 3-year Warranty on the whole product."

He should have got something only he would enjoy, but Robert is not like that, he got something he knew I wanted and we'd all enjoy- Just think of al lthe breads I'll make with the bread hook....
Plus Quentin is super excited, he can't wait to make salsa. It's already shipped, so we should get it tomorrow, just in time for weekend fun.

Robert also will be featured in the Siemen's magazine, he was interviewed and EVERYTHING- as you all know - Robert is not big on attention, but this is well deserved. This honor is for his hard work keeping things online and ontime during the aftermath of the Hurricane. He is the employee of the month for the whole Process Analytics Division of Siemens, not just his plant- so it's a big deal, even if I did tease him about it. To be fair, he did say he was eligble for the jelly of the month club, so I thought it was just some chump thing, but a cuisinart and a write up in the magazine, well that's a pretty big deal!!!

Also if you are so inclined, check out Quentin's blog. He's been home sick a couple of days with strep throat, so he started a blog. He's got a few writing assignments for cub scouts so he posted one about america, and he'll post the other stuff. Turn the volume down as he has the Foo Fighters' rockin on the blog.

Holy Coupons Batman