Wednesday, April 01, 2009


First off I can't find my camera cord. I unplugged it to plug in another USB cord to my cricut machine and now I can't find it. Robert even cleaned the room but since he wasn't looking for it, it is not to be found. I fear I put it someplace where I wouldn't forget where it was and well you all know how that goes...
So last month March 6-8 to be exact David had his big webelos Campout. Not to toot my own horn (but I love to do that) I was in charge of the District Event. It's called "Webelos Woods" and the older Webelos have their Arrow of Light Ceremony and graduate to Boy Scouts and the younger webelos work on their activity pins and just enjoy camping with the big scouts. Our District has a ton of packs and troops and honestly I lost count of all the participants, but there were a lot. I didn't have much to do except gather registration forms. Each troop was the host and made the activities for the packs camping with them. Our pack, pack 264, has a unique group because all of the parents participate. We had 20 boys there and 25 adults. It makes it fun for the boys and even more fun for the parents. We also have an awesome camp cook. This time though we conceded and let the Boy scout Troop cook for us, and well we all left hungry, so next time back to our own camp cook! (hee hee)
Since I'm blogging about it, you know there is more to it than a campout. On thursday night I had worked until six am and came home and with Rob's help got everyone off to school and then he took Joely shopping while I slept. My friend John came by about one to get me and take our boys out of school along with some other parents so we'd have first dibs on the camp site - And then Robert was taking the girls to his parents house and he'd come up later. The thing is the boys have NOOOOO Problem coming home early from school but Alice worries about Mrs. Randolph being sad that she left early or missed school. So We get there and set up (David set up his own tent, a requirement) and we were having some good times, but I wasn't feeling real good. I assumed I was tired. I went to another part of the campground to check in the packs and troops when I started to feel real bad. EVENTUALLY Robert gets there (after eating at Chikfila) and we go back to our camp and I decide to go to bed early (8:30) by 10:00 everyone was in their tents (a stupid Boy Scout rule of the troop we were camping with) and by 10:30 I was throwing up in the woods--- VERY BELOW AVERAGE!!!!! IT was horrible and worse still because I had no way to get back home. I had rode up with my friend John and Robert had a rental car becuase his was in the shop and I didn't need to be on the rental. I didn't want Robert to leave and drive me home because what if one of the boys (they were sleeping in their own tents) woke up and we were gone, so I spent the night throwing chum out to the racoons. I caught a ride home in the morning and slept the day away and came back in the evenign.
I'll never forget Webelos Woods! LOL
Ok the title is Milestones- Joely is Potty Trained!!! You know those morons that says "They'll potty train when they are ready" I always mocked them. Well morons at times can get it right because last Tuesday Joely woke up saying. "I go pee pee in the potty" and she did and she's been doing it ever since. That first day she went at myfriend Connie's houseand also at Walmart- she even went number two- so to me that's potty trained. The last few days her diaper has been dry in the morning even. Yeah Joely!
This is definalty a sweet not bittersweet milestone. I'm greatful to have this hurdle behind us-

Another milestone (VER BITTER AND NO SWEET)is I finally talked to David about how babies come to be and he was a bit mortified. He said "I'm only going to that one time since I just want one baby" I'm holding him to that. Beleive me I hated the talk and I know there will be many more. The only thing he liked was knowing something that the other kids don't know. A neat thing about David was I could explain the science to him and he understood that. Antoher neat thing, the internet had scientific pictures of the reproductive system so that he could easily follow how things go. Although he did say, "It seems kind of wierd"
yes David you are right , it is kind of wierd. But he gained some comfort when I explained that all mammals procreate the same way, and that it's just a natural part of biology. I told him there would be more questions and feeling later, but that was the science of it all.

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