Thursday, September 02, 2010

So the kids have been complaining...

That the blog hasn't been updated.
And I don't know why.
School started last Monday on the 23rd, without a hitch.

So now it's just me and Joely all day and let me tell you...
It's a blast, it's all cartoons, video games, eating out and shopping, mixed in with ice cream and peanut butter cups and some post-seminary naps.
We try to destroy all evidence of our fun before the bus comes again, but too many times we've been found with Chick-fil-a in hand and we are busted.
Alice usually wakes up with a smile, but this week she had enough and complained that it wasn't fair that Joely didn't have to go to Kindergarten.
It doesn't matter that Joely is only three!
David and Quentin are both in the same school this year and they ride the same bus as Alice.

This is their Bus. And if you look closely you can see Quentin Rolling his eyes and saying,
"Really Mom?"
Crosby, like other small towns, has several campuses, but each campus only holds two grades, so last year each child was at a different school, a logistic nightmare if you shuttle the kids to school. A genius plan if they ride the bus.
For me the positives outweigh the negatives.
By the time they get to middle school and high school, they've gone to school with the same kids their whole life. It's nice and keeps down bullying and cliques.
But I digress...
Here is everyone decked out
As always I worry most about David.
This year he raced home all pumped up.
I asked him how the day went and he said,
"it was great, I have 4 classmates with Xbox live, I wrote their gamertags in my agenda, gotta go and add them as my friends."
So clearly this year is a success.

Alice all ready for 2nd grade-
She's with Mrs. Kaune and loves it.
She summed up her first day like this,
"I don't know anyone but Mrs. Kaune is sure glad to have another Mullens in her class."
Mrs, Kaune, bless her heart, has taught everyone 2nd grade so far.
We hope she sticks it out for another 4years so she can teach Joely too.
She's a great teacher who enjoys being with children and is a very consistent teacher.
We totally appreciate her and am thrilled that once again we have someone in her class.

Here is the Qbone- he's all decked out with his
"faux-hawk or bro hawk" whatever you call it,
"It's all good baby"
Quentn has three teachers and various elective teachers. He's happy to be back in school but more than that he's happy to be a Crosby Cougar. So far he's worn this shirt twice and his jersey twice. Quentin is proud of his red and black Cougars.
His foolsball has begun and with his sisters cheering him on, his team is 2-0 and he made his first sack of the season, with numerous "hurries" and tackles.
More about this on another blog.
Joely and I do miss them, but if we get too sad we go to the park or hang with friends and the feeling passes. We love four o clock when everyone is back home exciting us with tales from school.
We are blessed to be in this school district
And big news for me, Seminary started the same day- so my days begin officially at 4:30 and my four students arrive at 5:45 (or should arrive) this year proves to be another study filled year.
I've enjoyed the lessons so far and look forward to learning more about Church History and Gospel Doctrine.
Another thing is that in our training we were told to relate everything back to how it fits in the Plan of Salvation, so I'm trying to do that, it's bit challenging to get them to think like that, but hopefully soon we all can get the hang of it.
I'm very grateful to be teaching seminary.

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