Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Party like it's 1999 and too many bipeds at the zoo.

This is our own personal Rock Band. Tonight as we ring in the new year we will be rockin' out to the tunes on Rock Band. Not pictured is Quentin on vocals, he's pretty awesome at hitting the pitch, not so awesome at getting the right words, but he has fun. David is pretty wicked on drums. He does all kinds of fancy moves.
Yesterday was a zoo day. Apparently everyone in Houston had the same idea. And those lame West U moms with their huge mega stroller, high heels and digital cam corders were seriously irrititating me. We decided there were way too many bipeds at the zoo, but for the kids sake, we saw everything but the monkeys and reptiles. Well also we missed the bird house and the aquarium. Normally we don't hit all four of those exhibits, but always the reptiles and at least one of the others. Usually the aquarium on the way out or in, but again, too many bipeds!!!
They have several new elephants so that was nice to see and I always love to watch the meer kats. They have a new 3.5 million dollar elephant barn that can hold up to 9 elephants comfrotably. David was funny he said, "Look mom, it's an elephant habitat, just like in the wild complete with steel bars and lots of poop." He has inhereited our sarcasm, and I appreciate that. Sadly the Koalas have gone home to San Diego and there wern't any praire dogs out and the Ken and Sharon Lay Prarie Dog exhibit. Joely was either in our out of the stroller and also she'd get angry when she couldn't climb up and see the exhibit, she most certainly did not want to be picked up by a very willing dad to see, she wanted to do it herself. That led to a few unforgettable moments with her.
This is in the natural encounters exhibit, by far my favorite "house" at the zoo. It holds a lot of fun precious memories. Where else but on Kim Possible can you see Naked Mole rats?
Joely spent a lot of time "people watching" but when an animal caught her eye, it was a delight, she'd screach and exclain, "wook Daddy or wook Dadid" she was so much fun.
In case you don't know, Alice and I went to the zoo almost every week the year I had Joely. She was in a special zoo class and so the zoo is definatly her stomping grounds. We went several times last year, but we havn't been back since the summer. She was a little miffed that they had moved the zebras, they are still in the same general area as where they were, but now they are in the exhibit with all the other hooved animals. Alice and I agree zebras are special and should be treated to their own habitat.
Afterwards it was lunch at Chuys, and it was a miracle, we were able to find parking and we were seated immediatly. Since it was so near Alice's birthday I told the waiter we'd like some brouhaha, but he said they didn't do that at that Chuy's but they would bring her some soapapillas, she was satisfied with that and Robert breathed a sigh of relief. He hates the added attention in a public venue.
We didn't get to see Uncle Bo and Aunt Tessie, they are both fighting the flu. We hope to see them soon-
Happy New Year one and all

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cousins in the news

These are two of my cousins, Todd and Tracy Mecham, with Santa!
Apparently the Seattle area of Washington has been hit with a ton of snow and Todd and Tracy made a sculpture of Santa, they are kids at heart. My memories of Todd and Tracy are neither Todd or Tracy, but always Todd AND Tracy. They are two brothers who I never remember being apart. It's been a long time since I've seen them and I miss them, it was fun to see them "live" on the internet.
Tracy's son submitted the story to the local news station. Click on the title for the link!
Merry Christmas Washington Cousins!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spreading a little Christmas Cheer

So when it comes to Christmas I absolutly stink at taking a zillion pictures. In fact on Christmas Morning I didn't get any of the boys- just the girls??? On Christmas Eve we go to two Christmas Parties, one with Rob's Dad's side of the family and then later with his mom's side. There are presents and family galore, but by the time we make it to Grandma Dorothy's I forget the camera or lose it among the carnage that is Christmas. Here are some cute pics though- We had a great time and we've been too busy Rocking Out with Rock Band so I can't be expected to Blog or take pictures or cook warm food! After all I got five stars on Blondie's, "One way or another"

Here are the boys trying to get out the door with their haul. Note how crappy they are dressed. NO longer will they listen to me and dress cute or match. I have lost that small amount of control.

On the other hand, Here is Alice all decked out like a beautiful snow princess with here equally beautiful cousin Miss Madison Victoria. They are loving their new stuffed animals. Aunt Darlene gave Alice and Joely little Webkinz and Madison is loving the stuffed bear from her Aunt Sue (rob's mom)

And last but not least, here is David admist the fun, reading a book. Just like his dad and his grandpa's, his nose will always be in a book.
I also started working at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital doing Patient registration in the ER, it's pretty brainless, but its ez money and in the ER there is never a dull moment! Tomorrow we are going to the zoo and then have dinner with Uncle Bo and Aunt Tassie and the "new" Chuy's.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has plans for a fun New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who doesn't LOVE AC/DC???

A couple of weeks ago, I adjusted my playlist to include some of my favorite AC/DC songs. I did it in a moment of recollection of the salad days of my youth. I had just read an interesting article in the Sunday New York Times about the Rockin' boys from England and how they never grow up. It mad me nostalgic for a simpler time.
For instance, you never worry that AC/DC is going to go acoustic, "crossover" to country (what the heck was Jon thinking????) or have a touchy feeling album or do collaborate with say Celine Dion (the personifaction of all things evil) or someone dead, like Frank Sinatra. AC/DC will always be about the purest things of teenage years, driving, doing rebellious things and hormones. Sure I don't applaud teens doing bad things, but I think its good that they can rock out to these things. AC/DC doesn't even bother with double entendres. It's pretty clear that when they are talking about Shaking all night long, it's not a mom who was fed up with her infant.
AC/DC reminds me of being a tween (before that was even a word) in California. I was trying to find my niche in life at the ripe age of eleven and twelve. My brother is always three years older than me so he 14 or 15 and he was rocking to Def Lepard, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest etc. I had two choices, either hate him for playing at an absurdly loud level the music or join it and be happy that I could listen to rock and roll without having to buy the album myself. I opted to join. My favorite album back then was indeed one of my favorites albums now. Back in Black. It still sells hundreds of thousands of copies annually and I beleive (without doing any fact checking) it was released in the early 80's- at least before 1982. AC/DC won't seell their music on Itunes or any other digital format. You can purchase them old school in the stores. This has not affected their sales because people just love AC/DC. Me being one of the many minions who can crank up Highway to Hell and drive a little faster and feel a whole lot younger. In fact I imagine myself back in the day, driving the 76 toyota corrola sportscoup (with the optional rally fun pack) down Union in Colorado Springs and singin' my hear out. In reality I'm probably just finishing up the car pool in my sweet, 2004 Honda Oddysey. Even though the stereo is a lot better than in the 76 sportscoup, it still doens't hold a candle to the salad days of my youth.
Robert didn't know me then, but he knows me now and it never ceases to amaze him that I know ALL OF THE CORRECT WORDS to "Back in Black" but I have a hard time with songs like "Angie" by the stones. (I always thought it was Angel) In fact for your reading pleasure. I did not realize the following lyrics until a couple of weeks when I was typing up christmas carols for the cub scouts to sing (it always comes back to the scouts doesn't it?) In the song, "Up on the Housetop" (you know it baby) It says "Up on the housetop reindeer pause." I was looking at the sheet music when I said, hmm, "I always thought it was Up on the housetop Reindeers' paws"
Which in hindsight makes no sense, Reindeer would not pluralized like that and they also don't have paws, they have hooves. So it is indeed an anomaly that I can get all the words to the songs on Back in Black correctly and many of the songs on Iron Maiden -The number of the Beast- for that matter. I think it comes from wanting to be as cool as my leather laden brother and all of his posse who were seeing ozzy, ac/dc and Ronny James Dio live in concert, back when tickets cost about ten bucks and there was a good chance you'd get trampled in the mayhem of no assigned seats.
So thanks Big Bro for making me and my descendents love AC/DC and real HEAVY METAL- Brian actually (back in the day) looked an awful lot like Bon Scott, may he rest in peace. My kids love AC/DC they rock out. Quentin can identify them when he hears them and Joely she really goes to town when Angus starts one of his little riffs. David loves the music on his Ipod and Alice can do a mad imitation of Angus bangin' his head. Once she's got the hopping on one foot with the other leg extended, we'll put her in a Karaoke contest.
And thus concludes my deep thoughts on AC/DC

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

One of the Crosby traditions that I love is the Homeowners Association puts on a snow party every December. They had fake snow brought in, Dickens Carolers, Santa, Hot Chocolate the whole 9 yards. We go down there and play in the "snow." The kids are always in shorts and t-shirts, it's never even cold enough for coats. One year I am pretty sure I have pics of Alice in Sandals. It's funny. Here are a couple of pictures of the fun in the fake snow

Joely did not like the cold wetness of it all-

This is Alice's back, she's wearing a skirt- David is in shorts and Quentin's in his hoodie.

It was a fun day! David wished it could be real, they all agreed that would be fun. They got their wish last night- It started to snow, really snow and it stuck to the ground. We made a wee snowman with a wee baby carrot nose. Sammi and I stood in the doorway most of the time, I don't like the cold anymore!!!! I was jonesin' for some sunny beach weather.

It always comes back to how adorable Joely is- she's in a cute little windbreaker, compliments of Old Navy circa 2004- I think the same coat Alice wore in the last snow "storm"

Sammi and I being Popcicles- the snowflakes look GINORMOUS!

Hey I don't know how I made the crazy mistiness appear, Perhaps it's the ghost of Christmas Future or something-but I think it looks cool. You can't tell, but Quentin is actually in the picture, he's just got his head down adn with his gangsta hoodie, he's concealed.

On a side note and just wondering if people are still reading this, did anyone look at the heavens last week? Wasn't it amazing to see Mars and Jupiter so close? I read on a friends blog how this sort of phenomenon in the heavens probably apperared around the same time as the advent of the Savior. It was neat to watch the celestial bodies and think of how close we are to our Heavenly Home.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Have you seen the Bee Movie?

We have, probably close to 100 times in the last couple of weeks. Joely is obsessed. I taped it off of HBO and it's on the DVR, so that means it's on the main tv. She's adorable she gets all excited, brings someone, ANYONE, the remote and jumps up and down and says "the Bees, The Bees! So we quickly change the channel. Yesterday Alex Pena and her boys brought over the DVD, so we could at least park her somewhere else to watch her show.

Her favorite part is when they shoot Winnie the Pooh with a tranquilizer, it really tickles her.
If you havn't seen the Bee movie, it really is lame, take my word, not Joely's word for it. If you have seen it and you are not Joely, I'm certain you agree, the movie is wierd. No offense Jerry Seinfeld and Renee Zellwegger, but it's not that funny.

It is fun to watch Jo enjoy it, so it's a keeper.

Here she had so much fun, she had to take a nap while watching it, thank heavens for the DVD now!!!

Wax on Wax off

Robert kept an "I'm Bored" Quentin occupied yesterday by teaching him Karate techniques from the Master, Mister Miagi.
My car looked like it just rolled off the production line-
Thanks Q-bone, and Dad.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friday at the Temple-it was Wonderful

On Wednesday I felt inspired to go to the temple on Friday. I knew Robert was working Saturday and Sunday, but he was SUPPOSED to have Friday off. So I called Glad, (real name Galadriel-- her parents were quintessential Tolkien Fans, they actually read the books--LONG before the movie) and asked her if she was free. I figured we could meet early and then go out to lunch. When Robert came home I asked him, "Hey besides watching t.u. get beat by A&M on Friday, do you have any other plans?" He said t.u. and A&M were playing on Thursday night and that he would be at work on Friday. I was so pathetic I'm sure I threw a fit, then I called Glad and left a message that I wouldn't be able to sniff sniff go on Friday, complaining about Siemens and Robert's work ethic. I must have sounded totally pathetic, because Wade (Glad's husband) said he'd watch my kids too, they have four, we have four, all the same ages, so he was in for 8 kids, two in diapers. Without hesitation I took him up on the wonderful offer. I am sooo glad I did. Thanks a million Wade (Glad if you're reading, let him know he was mentioned on my blog, as I'm sure he won't be reading this--hee hee)
It was wonderful for the kids, they love the Hutchings and are thrilled to spend anytime with them. (they live in Katy, about 60 miles away) It was wonderful for me to have some much needed face time with Glad. Seriously talking on the phone everyday does not cut it. It was wonderful to go to the temple and feel Heavenly Father's spirit and just have a serene morning. I came away renewed and refreshed and greatful for the opportunity. I simply must go more often. And while I don't need to go the temple with anyone, there are wonderful people there- you feel like everyone is your brother or sister, it was just wonderful to share the time with my dear friend- Thanks Glad (if you are reading this)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Leftovers

This year Robert, the kids and I stayed in town and ate dinner with the Mullens side of the family. Robert's mom hosted and it was the family from Robert's dad side of the clan. Uncle Tony cooked the turkey, Bobby (robert's dad) smoked a ham, I brougth some sides, Bonnie brought a "semi" homemade pie. Sue (my mother in law) made her famous Chicken cornbread dressing, Baked Beans, New Potatoes and green Beans. There were plenty of desserts and lots of family. We had a great time. Sue let us take home most of the Turkey and Ham and all the sides I could fit into the many containers laying around. It was a great day. Bobby said something real poignant- I'm kind of quoting here-

"This year we have suffered loss (his sister Susan Passed away) and we had some wonderful gains (Susan's daughter had a beautiful baby boy, named Jackson in May) We all survived a hurrican and even though crazy things are happening in India we should be greatful for our blessings. The bible tells us to be thankful if we have food to eat and shoes on our feet, so we have plenty to be thankful for."

It was a nice thought and I'm greatful for our small immediate families, we each just have one brother and for the large extended families Robert and I both have- we both have tons of aunts, uncles and cousins. Robert is blessed because both of his Grandma's are still with us and one of his grandpas. I do really miss my grandparents the most around this time. So many of my memories of them involve Thanksgiving and big family parties- I loved that my dad's mom and sister often came to my mom's family's get togethers, it was really nice to be around everyone.

On to less poignant items-

One of the best Thanksgiving traditions is the Turkey Sandwich. All my life I looked forward to it, even more than the actual feast. When we moved to California mom found a resteraunt called the Pot Belly Deli. I googled it today and the closest I could find to where we lived was in Walnut Creek, (It's the link on the title) They made this awesome sandwich called the Turkey Berry sandwich. After that resteraunt, turkey sandwiches were never the same.
Here is the set up- ( I sound like Ken Hoffman now)

Two slices white bread (wheat will work for you granola types)

Put Mayonnaise on both slices (Ok mom uses Miracle whip, which was fine for me for a long time, that was until living in Brazil and eating real mayo, I'm sorry but Miracle whip no longer does it for me)

Put some congealed cranberry "sauce" on each slice

Put some stuffing on one side and then put some turkey on top of the stuffing.

Shut the sandwich and eat it's delicious yumminess.

I had to stop and get some congealed cranberries and some stove top stuffing so I could make the sandwich, but it was as good as I remembered.

This is how the other Mullens enjoyed the leftovers

Paw Paw, aka Bobby let the boys take home the mega huge drumsticks.

After Quentin ate most of it, he declared that he didn't like it. Robert was dissapointed because there were only two, and he really likes the turkey leg. I guess we'll have to hit a festival somewhere in Texas, 'cuz someone always sells Turkey Legs.

This is just Joely being a cutie patootie, She kind of has the whole village people thing going on there. She wants to be a cow girl, yee haw

This is actually the two little princeseses on Thanksgiving Morning, they were making a parfait to take, because to quote Donkey, "Parfaits are the best dang thing on the planet"
Alice chose to eat a salad instead of leftovers. She told Robert the other day, "Dad the choice is always going to be a Salad"

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I do not like them Sam I am

Keeping up with my tradition of tooting my own horn and trying to create memories to last a lifetime, I made Green Eggs and Ham. I'm pleased to report that all my little people were happy to eat them, and they all declared, "I do so like them Sam I am"

Robert sneered and only ate the ham and biscuits. I'll be honest, green eggs, although they taste the same as yellow eggs, were a little unpleasant to my palate. Here are my minions enjoying it.
Alice is wearing the Traditional Indian Dress. Mrs. Randolph had a Thanksgiving Feast for her class and they made indian dresses and vests. This was two days later and she was still prancing about in it.

David being a good sport. He ended up eating it all, he had to, we were going on a hike later.

And Finally Quentin, he "couldn't beleive how good it was"

I forgot a picture of cute little Joely, but the eggs were very curious to her.

So after breakfast David and I met the Webelos at Sheldon Lakes Environmental Science Center, right here in Crosby. They were completing their Naturalist Activity Pin. It was a fun morning. The whole family was planning on coming but that was before the Tooth Fairy Incident of 2008.

At approximatly 4:30 AM Alice woke up because the Tooth Fairy had pulled out her tooth. That's the only explanation we can come up with, when she went to sleep her tooth was in her mouth and when she woke up it was gone. This created a great deal of stir and excitement and naturally little Joely woke up and joined in the celebration. First it was important to find where on earth the tooth fairy left the money. On Friday's Alice sleeps in the living room with her brothers and she couldn't find any money there. I was able to find her money stashed in her room. Crisis avoided. So needless to say at 9:00 am when we needed to go to the park, Joely was already back to sleep after snuggling with her dad. The other kids stayed home with Robert too and David and I enjoyed the relative peace and quiet with 12 other Webelo Scouts.

David Trying to locate animals in their habitats. We both had fun learning about Animals and insects indigenous to our area.

Clone Wars

Here are the clones, Quentin and Joely, Joely is wearing pink. This was taken Last Wednesday at Crapplebees. Quentin had won an "A is for Applebees" award for doing fabulous in Math (his grandma will be proud) and so he wanted to leave school early and go to lunch with Joely and I. Of course I said "No way Jose", and then he said, "Please" and then I said, (foolishly thinking the teacher would make the right choice) "Ask your teacher if she thinks its a good idea." So she said, "go ahead we arent' doing anything to day in class." So off we went. He and Jo enjoyed Chips and Salsa and Chicken and fries. We all had a great time and I'm glad I had the afternoon with my clones.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I loved Twilight! I'm so glad I was able to go with my posse. We giggled all the way there and back. I feel they nailed the book, all the teen angst was there, the beautiful scenery of Washington,(I was freesing just watching the rain and the cold) the beautiful Vampires and my precious Jacob.
For those on the fence - The guy who plays Edward, can't think of his name, but I'll always think of him as Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter- He has grown up now and I really don't think he looks like Cedric (may he rest in peace) so it was easy to beleive he was indeed a vampire and not a wizard. Bella was awesome, the only complaint was they made her look to well put together, in the book she didn't care so much about her looks. And Jacob, his character isn't developed much in this book, he's more in the other three, well he was awesome and beautiful in a way totally different than the vamps. LOVED HIM!!! A lot of people were saying they couldn't buy Shark Boy as Jacob, but again he's all grown up. My friends and I discussed this and we also overheard EVERYONE in the theater saying it, Rosalie wasn't as beautiful as she was described in the book. My favorite vampire character is Alice and they didn't have a lot of time to develop the intense friendship she shares with Bella. I'm hoping they make all of the books into movies and Alice will get more screentime. Dr. Cullen, came across as kind of creepy looking, it looked like he was wearing a bunch of powder, like some old english dude from Queen Victoria's Court. Normally the actor that portrayed him is good looking in his own right (jennie garth's husband) but in the movie he wasn't so ooh la la.
I realize to anyone (whoever you are) who hasn't read the books, this makes no sense.

Oh and I made breakfast this morning and packed lunches. Breakfast was Eggo waffles, but that still counts as a hot breakfast- Go Kareena!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do you have your tickets?

I do!!!! Me, and 700 of my closest friends, will be hitting the Movie Tavern tonight at midnight to see the SOLD OUT first showing of Twilight. MY life will never be the same. Robert is a little wierded out that his 38 year old wife will be acting like a teeny bopper tonight. My prediction is that it will be mostly middle aged moms like myself tonight and less teenagers, after all they have school tomorrow, all I'll have to do it throw the kids on the bus and go back to bed.... They can eat breakfast at school, just this once...

Dreaming of Jacob and Edward as I type....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Alice's deep thoughts

The picture to the right here, is of the "SNOW QUEEN" that Alice was for Halloween, it's the most recent picture of her. She's wearing a (PETA FORGIVE US) Real Mink Stole. Mom gave it to her, recently - or gave it to me, I'm not sure which, but Alice loves it. Right now she's too young to understand that Minks died for it, but when she does I'm sure she'll never wear it, she''s so in love with animals. But it was the PERFECT accesory to her Snow Queen Costume. And frankly, what six year old cares about being politically correct? Also who would have thought a mom would allow a real mink stole to be worn to the kindergarten? I mean what kind of mom does that? I'll tell you what kind, the kind of mom who wore her own mom's veil for a Halloween costume, and ruined it while trick or treating. I digress....
Her Halloween (yes actually Halloween) party was a costume day, but you had to dress as a character from a story. She loves to get all prettied up, so she decided to be the Snow Queen from Narnia. She's wearing gloves and a Tiara as well as ruby red slippers. Her interpretation was dead on and "All the teachers loved it."

Each of the schools in our district go all out for Veteran's Day. They ask kids to invite their family members and friends to programs, the ROTC does special flag ceremonies. It's real nice. One year the boys had Uncle Rex go with them. David and Quentin have always come away from the day by talking about the military, fighting for their country, the flag, all things patriotic. This year Alice was involved and this is what she said to David in the back seat of the van.
Alice: "I am sooo not going to be an army man."
David: "Why?"
Alice: " Duh, because the food is horrrrribbbbbbble and you have to wear those uniforms."
David: ( with I am assuming he was wearing the classic Mullens Man Sarcastic Smirk) " Well you get the opportunity to fight and possibly die for your country."
Alice: "no way!"

I just wonder what her Veterans Day Program talked about. I"m sure they talked about the sacrifices the veterans made and they had to have mentioned bad food. Usually the participants wear there uniforms, so that's probably where that came from. She's a funny funny girl, chock full of her own ideas and intentions. Another time out of the blue she informed me that when she grows up she's not taking a job- she'll be taking care of her kids. She says things with such a little Diva attitude, we can't help but laugh. I am so glad we have Alice in our family.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Right and the Responsibility

So in addition to today being a big day in our family, it's Quentin's ninth birthday, it's a big day for America. We have the right and the freedom to vote, or not. This morning I took David and Joely with me to polls. I let David push the buttons. I hope that he and his siblings will understand this privilege we have to vote.
I always wax nostalgic on these days and I think of the women, yes I SAID WOMEN, who made it possible for me and one day Alice and Joely the right to vote. I am greatful to the Men who fought against England and gave all white men who own property the right to vote, but I admit I am more indebted to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony than I am to Paul Revere. I also admire and appreciate the hard work that President Johnson endured along with the Senate and House who passed the Civl Rights Acts, making it legal for all men and women to share the same rights and be able to vote without fear. Thanks Pioneers!

Here is a little more info on my favorite heroines!

This is Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She raised 7 children and still managed to fight not just for women's rights but for ending slavery. This was in the 1840's and 1850's. She drafted the declaration at Seneca Falls. She was amazing. She used the declaration of independence in her arguments and felt that being a woman or being a race other than white anglo saxon, was not an inferiority. She was most definatly a radical. I think of her EVERY time I vote. She also wrote speeches for this other more well known lady...

Susan B. Anthony... She is the younger one in the picture, the older lady is Mrs. Stanton. After the Civil War she began a magazine devoted to Suffrage. Their motto was
"The true republic-men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less." I love it. In one website it said even as a young girl she was independent and challenged her male teacher because he would only teach long division to boys.
And it's kind of odd to think that it's not even been 100 years of women voting. The nineteenth ammendment didn't ratity until 1920.

Joely gets a haircut, but keeps the curls!!!

Robert's dad has been hounding me for months now to get Joely's hair cut. I usually listen to him, but I rebelled on this. The thought of cutting off her beautiful curls killed me. After the other kids first haircuts, the curls were left on the floor never to return. Well Q-bone still gets some curls if his hair is left raggedy, but nothing like mine. I just really wanted one of my minions to have my blessing/curse of naturally curly hair. Well she's nearly two (wah wah wah) and I havn't cut her hair and her little paws keep pushing her hair out of her face, so I decided to bite the bullet and getterdone. I am happy to report she still has her beautiful curls.

Right now it becomes clear, she's not going to go peacefully along. She's saying "MOMMY!!!"

And here she is going to take her drink and blanket and go home. If you can imagine, Quentin was beside himself with worry, he kept telling me, "She doesn't need her haircut, let's just go." He's such a good brother always has her back.

H enegaged her in a cute game of "monkey see monkey do." It's her favorite game, once she figured out she could get people to copy her, we play it all the time, and it's a great game because it's all very quiet.

And once again there was peace in the Valley. Quentin gave her his pokemon handbook and she was happy.

And for some reason I didn't take a picture of the final product, but trust me she still looks adorable!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Fun for the boys

David was not happy with the first costume I had him wear last week to the church Halloween Party. I had been asking him for about a month, what do you want to be? What do you want to be? And he wouldn't answer. So at 4:00, when we needed to leave I gave him a cape and hat and told him he was a wizard. At that point he wanted to be an alien, which I could not just pull out of my butt in just ten minutes (even as some would point out, it's an awfully large butt) So he went unhappily as a sad Wizard who was embarrassed. My friend Gala was at the party and she took pity on the poor depressed Wizard. The next afternoon she brought him an alien costume over, all I had to do was add tinfoil. So he wore it to the School Open House on Thursday Night. He was real nervous to wear it because "what if nobody else wears costumes?" But there were a lot of kids wearing cosutmes, nonetheless, he came in Second Place in the school costume contest! Thanks Gala! He finally smiled AND he won a Pokemon Poster.

David the Depressed Wizard and David the award winning Alien.

As far as his depression goes, he never looks much more excited than the above pictures with the excpetion of when he's swimming or opening up a new game.

Last year Quentin was all about Tom Brady. Tom Brady was a football God. This year he suffered an injury and now his career his dead. So Quentin went to Halloween Festivities as a Dead Tom Brady. At the Church party, I did his make up real nice, but for the real day, I messed it up and he thought he looked ridiculous. So I dressed up even more retarded. (ok yes I know I'm not supposed to say that word anymore, but seriously nothing else describes what I wore better) I didn't want him to look the most ridiculous, so I put on the YELLOW Den leader shirt (and Aryn you thought the other one was a clown suit) and a Wolf Cub Hat and I looked VERY VERY VERY LAME- so Quentin felt better. I did not allow photographs taken of me in the costume, it's that horrific. The good News, Quentin won "funniest Costume" and was given a "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" do it yourself book, that he wanted from last week's book fair.

After his friends Halloween Party Quentin and two friend spent the night to celbrate the 9th anniversary of Quentin's Advent. IT was fun for all involved. They stayed up until five am. Then rolled out of bed around noon in time to scarf down some hot dogs and head over to Travis' birthday party. Quentin has been recovering quite nicely from his strep throat problems, until after all the partying. I think he pushed it a little too much and he had to convalesce on Sunday. Here's a picture of the boys all trashed out on Saturday Morning.

Quentin got an Ipod Shuffle from us for his birthday and next weekend he'll spend with Grandma Mullens. My parents are sending him the game he requested, officially his birthday will be tomorrow. We have a little somthing planned for him, but since he reads my blog I won't spill the beans. The school just called and he's sick again, I will post about the girls fun later!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Flashback Friday err Sunday

If I did this right, you should be able to see Toonces the driving cat. Just click on the title. This was from when SNL was Saturday Night Live and it was consistantly funny. I am flashbacking to Toonces because we now have a stray that shows up for Tuna a couple of times a week. She/he looks just like Toonces from the Salad Days of my youth. When we lived on Thonig Road, we had a Toonces there too. I even trapped her and had her well him fixed. But when I tried to trap him to move to Laredo, he ran off, never to be seen again, until he/she reincarnated and came on our door step a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the second chance Toonces.

Halloween was fun, and I'll post tomorrow all the pix and comments-- but David purchased a new computer game and Robert needed to do some work-- so I havn't had a chance to add anything- but as a spoiler, here is the cutest litte Trick or treater we saw!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This one goes out to the one I love

Robert was chosen as employee of the month. As a reward he was able to pick from several prizes some where a outdoor fire pit, golf clubs, watches, a night at a european marriot, camping equipment, etc. He chose the cuisinart!
"It's party time. It's one thing when you're preparing food for yourself or for your immediate family. But when your friends and extended family are coming over, you need power and size to simplify food prep. After all, there's enough love and skill that goes into creating dishes you want to share. The process of preparation needs to be simpler, easier. That's when you need this.The Custom 14-cup Processor offers a heavy-duty motor that ensures consistent chopping, slicing and shredding of your ingredients. It will also knead up to 3 pounds of dough. Famous for having the largest feed tube on the market, minimizing the need to precut ingredients. Includes a instructional video and recipe book to get you started. That's the core purpose of cuisine as art. That's why you need this Cuisinart Food Processor. It's the vital tool for when friends come over and you want to do and be your best. Are you ready to party? Detachable Disc Stem Spatula Cuisinart How-to Video / Instruction Manual / Recipe Book Dependability is supported by Cuisinart's Full 5-year Motor Warranty and Limited 3-year Warranty on the whole product."

He should have got something only he would enjoy, but Robert is not like that, he got something he knew I wanted and we'd all enjoy- Just think of al lthe breads I'll make with the bread hook....
Plus Quentin is super excited, he can't wait to make salsa. It's already shipped, so we should get it tomorrow, just in time for weekend fun.

Robert also will be featured in the Siemen's magazine, he was interviewed and EVERYTHING- as you all know - Robert is not big on attention, but this is well deserved. This honor is for his hard work keeping things online and ontime during the aftermath of the Hurricane. He is the employee of the month for the whole Process Analytics Division of Siemens, not just his plant- so it's a big deal, even if I did tease him about it. To be fair, he did say he was eligble for the jelly of the month club, so I thought it was just some chump thing, but a cuisinart and a write up in the magazine, well that's a pretty big deal!!!

Also if you are so inclined, check out Quentin's blog. He's been home sick a couple of days with strep throat, so he started a blog. He's got a few writing assignments for cub scouts so he posted one about america, and he'll post the other stuff. Turn the volume down as he has the Foo Fighters' rockin on the blog.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday

I saw this on a blog I was "skulking" --does anyone read blogs of people they don't know? I don't follow any (per se) but I do on occasion (OK TWICE A DAY) click on the blogs listed on friends and then go to a blog of someone I don't know, then click on a blog of their favorites and so on and so on and so on. Anyhoo, I do get results and happen across old friends that way, but I do kind of feel like Gladys Kravitz when I do.. I'm drawn to read the innerworkings of people I do not know, yet at the same time repulsed by my own compulsion....

I digress, back to Flashback Friday- If any of you out there remember me when I reigned supreme in my 1976 SR5 Toyota Corolla Sportscoup, (five speed standard transmission, it could go 0-60 in like 15 minutes, it was saweet) please validate me, if you didn't know me then, please validate me with laughter. This picture was taken 20 years ago, back when Boy Bands were unheard of, Bon Jovi had long hair, Rob Lowe was a discrace because of a naughty video, (now similiar videos, well they make you a star) we were still iving in the Reagan/Bush years of peace, prosperity and no inflation, the mall was an important destination, not a necessary evil like today, Thursday night TV included shows I could actually watch with my children now, and I was still planning on dancing on the hood of Whitesnake's car, I had a little fantasy going that I was Tawny Kitaen....What happened to her man? I just googled her and she's nothing like I remember,( I won't even put a link to her- it's that bad!) maybe she peeked to early- ANYHOO DIGRESSING AGAIN- here I go again on my own!

I call this, I love the eighties-Look closer you'll see blue mascara, yes blue mascara. Do they even still make the blue mascara? Should they have ever made the blue mascara?

I'm still trying to figure out Photoshop elements (I aint' much on book learnin') so I can't scan real well, so here's a digital picture of a regular picture- it's not soo awesome, but I'll figure out these new fangled machines one day...

like totally, gag me with a spoon

Holy Coupons Batman