Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Joely gets a haircut, but keeps the curls!!!

Robert's dad has been hounding me for months now to get Joely's hair cut. I usually listen to him, but I rebelled on this. The thought of cutting off her beautiful curls killed me. After the other kids first haircuts, the curls were left on the floor never to return. Well Q-bone still gets some curls if his hair is left raggedy, but nothing like mine. I just really wanted one of my minions to have my blessing/curse of naturally curly hair. Well she's nearly two (wah wah wah) and I havn't cut her hair and her little paws keep pushing her hair out of her face, so I decided to bite the bullet and getterdone. I am happy to report she still has her beautiful curls.

Right now it becomes clear, she's not going to go peacefully along. She's saying "MOMMY!!!"

And here she is going to take her drink and blanket and go home. If you can imagine, Quentin was beside himself with worry, he kept telling me, "She doesn't need her haircut, let's just go." He's such a good brother always has her back.

H enegaged her in a cute game of "monkey see monkey do." It's her favorite game, once she figured out she could get people to copy her, we play it all the time, and it's a great game because it's all very quiet.

And once again there was peace in the Valley. Quentin gave her his pokemon handbook and she was happy.

And for some reason I didn't take a picture of the final product, but trust me she still looks adorable!


Yennigirl said...

That reminds me of Collins first hair cut!! I had books, snacks etc. in case of a freak out. He also had curls too. . . . also, the ghosts are just sliced roasted potatoes with spices on them that you "ice" with sour cream and scallions for the eyes etc. They are yummo.

Kristy said...

The first haircut is always a hard one. It's cute how Q is so concerned about her. Nick would have been saying the same thing but not for concern but for embarrassment;)

Jan said...

Oh, she looks so cute. Chris and Natalie don't like to cut Mason's hair for that same reason - his cute curls!!

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