Saturday, August 22, 2009

I lay awake

I can't sleep- I'm afraid I'll miss the alarm. All week I've been thinking, I know I'm forgetting something, I know I'm forgetting something. But I couldn't remember. We had a busy week. It was meet the teacher on two nights, Quentin had football practice a couple of nights (thank heavens for a storm or it would have been a bunch of nights) and we had a Primary Activity this morning and we were informed on Wednesday that Quentin's opening game would be Saturday also. But I couldn't remember what I was forgetting. Do I havet snacks for Saturday (no) I kept thinking it was the Primary Activity- But really I had nothing to do with it, but show up, Myriam the Saint had planned everything out to a science my contribution was to play the piano (check) and bring the prizes, (ordered form oriental trading and the box was in the van, check) and do the gathering activity (coloring page in the car, crayons and markers in my piano bag- check) UIUH WHAT WAS I MISSING?????
After a fun filled morning at the church ( a fun music carnival) I realized what it was, when I saw the Bishop- Oh yeah, I need to prepare my Sunday School lesson. This is my first week to teach the adults. I prepared the lesson this afternoon and did more reading and more reading and now i'm nervous I'll sleep through church.
So now that its after one am, I am more likely to sleep late, if I ever get to sleep. I have two alarms set.....
pps For those of you keeping score, Quentin's team kicked butt and took names. (they won 43-13) Quentin tackled many a player and sacked the Quaterback two times in a row. He was doing some serious peacocking, when he causes a fumble and revocers it for a touchdown, we may never be able to live with him!
He'll be going to the pro bowl soon enough!
We Celebrated at Chuys. (but really that goes without saying)

Friday, August 21, 2009

waxing nostalgic about the firstborn...

This week the kids were able to meet the teachers and find 0ut what friends they'd be with etc. The first visit was for David- who is going to fifth grade- his teacher was not impressive at all and I had to will myself to not cry. Couple that with David losing all animation and acting as if he had no longer a will to live. I tried to keep it together and find fun things to say, but honestly the teacher acted as if her being there was a huge problem. Her room wasn't even decorated, in fact it was void of any life. How on earth can he expect to learn fifth grade math from her? She didn't even have a class list posted, so we don't know if he has any friends in his class. I was so greatful for an awesome science lab, after viewing it and the live bugs, skulls and skins, he perked up a little bit. I came home and wimpered a little bit and then called my mother in law to see if I could home school him- LOL- He'll do fine, he's a trooper, it's just soo much harder on me when he's the one suffering or experiencing a first.

For instance, when he went to Kindergarten, I walked him in and he sat down right in the middle of the class and started talking, the class previously was silent, then they all started talking. I walked away feeling that I had taught this boy enough and that he would do fine. I didn't shed a tear. Later that week he found out there would be pizza for lunch, so I went in to pay on his lunch account and that's when I lost it. I couldn't imagine him holding his tray or opening his milk. And the ladies in the lunchroom looked at me like I WAS A LUNATIC- and they muttered in spanish (we were in Laredo) and I thought, he'll never make it. I called Robert at work in hysterics and he reminded me that David shares my DNA he'll be ok-

He did fine, and he quickly learned to open his own milk and he never spilled a tray.

When we moved at Christmas time back to the US- I was worried to sick, will he be able to adjust how will he do??? etc. etc. He made friends quickly and his teacher quickly loved him and subsequently every teacher adores teaching him, even if he has a hard time paying attention- they tell me the same thing over and over - he's so sweet and he's so smart, he never acts up etc. etc.

Now he's off to the Fifth grade/ Sixth grade intermediate campus and I need to remember, that he didn't just get by all the other times, he did extremly well. Even though he steadfastly refused to meet his "switch" teachers (his science and language arts teachers) he'll find his class on Monday with his pencil sharpened and ready to go and he'll be fine. His friends may all be in different classes, but he makes friends easily.

He may be counting down the days until Thanksgiving Break, but he'll be fine.
I guess the real question is, "will I be fine?"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Taking a Break...

On Saturday Robert and I were getting the kids ready for a party we were going to. Our friend Alex had graduated from college and got a job all in the same week-so Saturday was a big celebration. Joely was excited all day, she just wanted "to go." But at some point she just gave into her body and crashed on the floor, after making some beautiful body art. We are still searching for the marker.
I was led to ponder, why don't we listen to our body like we did when we were two? If we are so tired that we could just fall asleep anywhere, why don't we catch a few zzzz's? I think in this fast paced day and age, we don't take enough meaningful breaks.
Joely didn't care that she might miss out on her favorite activity, going anywhere, she just knew she had her blanket and a desire to take a nap.
Are we really missing out when we spread ourselves too thin?

Holy Coupons Batman