Saturday, October 09, 2010

Quentin "Brian Cushing" Mullens

Quentin is happy that Brian Cushing will be back playing with the Texans tomorrow.
In fact he's so happy that his favorite Defensive player is coming back that today he got a mohawk too. He had been sporting "faux" hawk this school year, but today he became a committed d-tack.

You mess with this Cougar, you will get the claws.

Quentin has done so well a the nose tackle, that his coaches have started having him play on the offensive line too, Quentin says, "I take care of my quarterback." But- he till LOVES to throw "playuhs" down on the ground for the defense and go for the sack. He's brutal,until the whistle blows, and he's learning to "Leave it on the field!"


I LOVE watching him play, his team is now 7-0, with two more regular seasos games to go--and the superbowl.
And who knows, he may make all stars this year....

The Red Machine is coming through!

Holy Coupons Batman