Friday, November 20, 2009

Timing is Everything

Last night some members of my coven and I went to see Jacob Black kick Vampire butt.

Like true fans, we went first to the nine pm encore showing of Twilight and then safeguarded our seats against the mayhem of the midnight showing of New Moon.

Jacob was delicious.

But seriously, the movie was boring.

Yes I said it.

There wasn't enough Werewolf Action.

New Moon was my favorite of the four books, specifically for the Were Love.

I'd rather 108 degrees than the coldness of the undead.

Part of the problem last night, could have been exhaustion, but it was more blah blah blah, Bella's feelings about Edward and not enough of the shirtless Jacob and his pack of wolves.

And the Volturri, was rather anticlimactic. I wanted to see some bloodshed or more torture. I have to admit that although I loved that Dakota Fanning lended herself to the movie, her portryal of the evil angel Jane was BORING- and not true to the book. The screenwriter, makeup artists and costume people totally had it all wrong.

And don't get me started on her "twin" brother.
I'm certain I'll see the movie again, but I think as approach my 4th decade, I do not need to attend midnight movies.
It was a long drive home looking for the telling eyes of the werewolves.
I am however thrilled to have spent an evening with my coven away from distractions of Children etc. We all need a girls night out every now and again, next time, BEFORE the witching hour.

Holy Coupons Batman