Monday, December 01, 2008

Have you seen the Bee Movie?

We have, probably close to 100 times in the last couple of weeks. Joely is obsessed. I taped it off of HBO and it's on the DVR, so that means it's on the main tv. She's adorable she gets all excited, brings someone, ANYONE, the remote and jumps up and down and says "the Bees, The Bees! So we quickly change the channel. Yesterday Alex Pena and her boys brought over the DVD, so we could at least park her somewhere else to watch her show.

Her favorite part is when they shoot Winnie the Pooh with a tranquilizer, it really tickles her.
If you havn't seen the Bee movie, it really is lame, take my word, not Joely's word for it. If you have seen it and you are not Joely, I'm certain you agree, the movie is wierd. No offense Jerry Seinfeld and Renee Zellwegger, but it's not that funny.

It is fun to watch Jo enjoy it, so it's a keeper.

Here she had so much fun, she had to take a nap while watching it, thank heavens for the DVD now!!!

Wax on Wax off

Robert kept an "I'm Bored" Quentin occupied yesterday by teaching him Karate techniques from the Master, Mister Miagi.
My car looked like it just rolled off the production line-
Thanks Q-bone, and Dad.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friday at the Temple-it was Wonderful

On Wednesday I felt inspired to go to the temple on Friday. I knew Robert was working Saturday and Sunday, but he was SUPPOSED to have Friday off. So I called Glad, (real name Galadriel-- her parents were quintessential Tolkien Fans, they actually read the books--LONG before the movie) and asked her if she was free. I figured we could meet early and then go out to lunch. When Robert came home I asked him, "Hey besides watching t.u. get beat by A&M on Friday, do you have any other plans?" He said t.u. and A&M were playing on Thursday night and that he would be at work on Friday. I was so pathetic I'm sure I threw a fit, then I called Glad and left a message that I wouldn't be able to sniff sniff go on Friday, complaining about Siemens and Robert's work ethic. I must have sounded totally pathetic, because Wade (Glad's husband) said he'd watch my kids too, they have four, we have four, all the same ages, so he was in for 8 kids, two in diapers. Without hesitation I took him up on the wonderful offer. I am sooo glad I did. Thanks a million Wade (Glad if you're reading, let him know he was mentioned on my blog, as I'm sure he won't be reading this--hee hee)
It was wonderful for the kids, they love the Hutchings and are thrilled to spend anytime with them. (they live in Katy, about 60 miles away) It was wonderful for me to have some much needed face time with Glad. Seriously talking on the phone everyday does not cut it. It was wonderful to go to the temple and feel Heavenly Father's spirit and just have a serene morning. I came away renewed and refreshed and greatful for the opportunity. I simply must go more often. And while I don't need to go the temple with anyone, there are wonderful people there- you feel like everyone is your brother or sister, it was just wonderful to share the time with my dear friend- Thanks Glad (if you are reading this)

Holy Coupons Batman