Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Mom, are you going to put this on your blog?"

Asked David when I told him to pose by his sister yesterday.
I said, "YES!!! OF COURSE!"
He just shook his head and smiled at me.
So yesterday little Joely and I volunteered at Newport Elementary School where David, Quentin and all third and fourth graders in Crosby attend. We worked the club desk. Kids come to the desk and show me their good papers and I tell them how awesome they are and stamp their papers and sign their card. Its' fun because all the kids are happy, they did good on something and they get to leave class for a few minutes. Its very rewarding. Especially this time because last year David's teachers never took the time to send his class when I volunteered, (Yes I do hold a grudge) but yesterday after the teachers knew I was there, the whole class came at different times. Quentin came too- but I forgot I had the camera when he was there.

If you've spent anytime with us you'll know that Joely is always on the lookout for David. She calls his name constantly and is always looking out for him. Here she is yelling "DAVID! DAVID! DAVID!" But we hadn't seen him yet.

Here she is at the desk with her supplies. When Quentin came up, she looked up and said, "DAVID?" and he laughed and said no it's Quentin. He then went back through this door and the rest of the time there she was at the door looking for "David"

We had fun. Quentin was going to his friends house after school, so I asked David if he wanted to be signed out an hour early and he said, "YES YES YES, unless you think Alice will be scared on the bus by herself." I told him she'd be fine and he was happy to get a head start on his video games.

His birthday is on Monday and Mom and Dad sent him a new DS game called Locks Quest and Maw Maw Jo JO had given him money and he had me pick up the new SIMS Creator game for his DS- I can't beleive he'll be ten in just two days. Robert just took him to go spend the weekend with Grandma Sue. He's looking forward to the alone time and to get spoiled in everyway. Grandma's are good about meeting his needs, in a timely manner.

Here is a cute picture of Robert with Joely, I had tried to lay her down, but she wasn't ready so she ran right to her Dad for protection. Please note she has her baby with her, every baby is called Delyla now, since our good friends have a baby named Delyla. .

Friday, October 17, 2008

Do you like Halloween?

I thought that nobody could outdo my mom on the love of Halloween, but I think that this lady does outdo my mom- check out her blog!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Font are you?

I just took a personality test to determine which computer font I am, and I came out as Comic Sans. Here is the description.

Comic Sans - You are easy going and have a good sense of humor. You are a nice change from the norm. Beware of becoming too cliche.

Funny thing is I do worry about being a cliche, I try to substitute Bon Bons for peanut butter cups and Soap Operas for DVR's Crime Dramas, but I still think I could be considered a cliche of a stay at home mom. I wouldn't describe myself as EASY GOING, (I can get intense) but I do have a good sense of humor.

Anyhoo take the test and let me know what font you are- If I did this correctly, but clicking on the title you'll be taken to quizilla for the test.

Oh and Joely peed (how do you spell that?) everywhere but the potty today, I think I'm pretty much giving up until after the new year.. Again being a cliche, only talking about my childrens triumphs and failures-

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Princess and the Pea

"thank you for my haircut"

That was how Alice began her prayer last night. Everyone tells her how beautiful she is with her short hair and it doesn't hurt to comb it, plus she can style it herself. It's so important to her that it makes it into her prayers. She ended last night's prayer with the following plea, "Please help me to stay in my bed all night so that these beautiful things will stay mine as long as I want them."
She was referring to her cute bedset, a couple of times last week she fussed a bit about going to bed and I reminded her that I would pack everything back up and take it to Miss Arcalee, she really wants to keep them, so she's been sleeping in her bed for an entire week!
Tonight I'll take a picture of her in her bed and post it.

Holy Coupons Batman