Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Mom, are you going to put this on your blog?"

Asked David when I told him to pose by his sister yesterday.
I said, "YES!!! OF COURSE!"
He just shook his head and smiled at me.
So yesterday little Joely and I volunteered at Newport Elementary School where David, Quentin and all third and fourth graders in Crosby attend. We worked the club desk. Kids come to the desk and show me their good papers and I tell them how awesome they are and stamp their papers and sign their card. Its' fun because all the kids are happy, they did good on something and they get to leave class for a few minutes. Its very rewarding. Especially this time because last year David's teachers never took the time to send his class when I volunteered, (Yes I do hold a grudge) but yesterday after the teachers knew I was there, the whole class came at different times. Quentin came too- but I forgot I had the camera when he was there.

If you've spent anytime with us you'll know that Joely is always on the lookout for David. She calls his name constantly and is always looking out for him. Here she is yelling "DAVID! DAVID! DAVID!" But we hadn't seen him yet.

Here she is at the desk with her supplies. When Quentin came up, she looked up and said, "DAVID?" and he laughed and said no it's Quentin. He then went back through this door and the rest of the time there she was at the door looking for "David"

We had fun. Quentin was going to his friends house after school, so I asked David if he wanted to be signed out an hour early and he said, "YES YES YES, unless you think Alice will be scared on the bus by herself." I told him she'd be fine and he was happy to get a head start on his video games.

His birthday is on Monday and Mom and Dad sent him a new DS game called Locks Quest and Maw Maw Jo JO had given him money and he had me pick up the new SIMS Creator game for his DS- I can't beleive he'll be ten in just two days. Robert just took him to go spend the weekend with Grandma Sue. He's looking forward to the alone time and to get spoiled in everyway. Grandma's are good about meeting his needs, in a timely manner.

Here is a cute picture of Robert with Joely, I had tried to lay her down, but she wasn't ready so she ran right to her Dad for protection. Please note she has her baby with her, every baby is called Delyla now, since our good friends have a baby named Delyla. .


Adrienne said...

That's good that David is aware of your blogging addiction. I think it makes our kids feel good to see stories of themselves online :) I'm glad the volunteering went well--you're a good mama. I hope you are having a good weekend.

Jan said...

Your kids sound wonderful - smart, funny, and sweet.

Just like you. Duh.

4Girls4Me said...

Joely is the cutest little thing! How sweet that she loves her biggest brother so much! I can't wait 'til the next time we're in Houston so I can see you again and meet your fun kiddos!

Steph said...

I must agree with Ade, I think our kids love to read the stories we put on our blogs. I sure love reading yours! Keep up the good work. *wink wink*

Kristy said...

Joely is so dang cute. I bet it make David so happy to have his own little fan club:)
Nick and Nat always say...
"Are you blogging again". I'm addicted.

Yennigirl said...

My kids ask the same thing or else give me suggestions for blog ideas. My list of future blog ideas is already too long . . .

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