Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Should I have made him walk to school?

This Blog is about Quentin Michael, aka Quentonius Maximus or Q-bone
This morning was a good morning for Quentin, he was allowed to be the last person to get up. He bathed and dressed quickly. He didn't complain about toast for breakfast, he ate his food and drank his chocolate milk. He was dressed and had his teeth brushed. He gathered everyone's backpacks for them. He was first out the door.
He sat down to wait for the bus when he remembered he forgot his library books. He asked to go back home to get them, I told him to "run like the wind bullseye" or he would "miss the bus and walk to school."
He ran to the house and then walked slow, slower, and slowest back to the bus stop. Which by that point the bus was leaving, I even stalled to complain to the bus driver that my poor sweet innocent Alice had been assualted yesterday. I guess assaulted was a little dramatic, she was "hit" by a mean girl- no other details.
Anyway as we walked back to the house, I told him to keep on walking. He didn't take me seriously, so I thought, what would mom have done? She would have said the same thing, but she would have drove me to school, so I caved. I did however make him sit quietly and read his book, hardly punishment, but I did make him be about 2 minutes late, which was the ultimate torture.
He was late because I was making cupcakes, (see robert I'm learning and planning ahead) I have to make cupcakes for Alice's class party next week, and they have to be orange, my grandma Bowden had an orange cake recipe. I wanted to see if I could replicate it in cupcake form (and I can) and if I needed more batter (and I don't) and if the frosting is worth making (and it isn't) But now I am prepared for next Friday, I'll add food coloring, because the cakes are too pastel and I'll use a frosting can, because cooking the frosting is too time consuming (sorry Grandma, although it is delicioso) and not really worthy of kids who are going to so excited they probably won't eat the cupcake anyway.
I'll post her recipe later. I am going to run the cupcakes over to some pre-school guinea pigs at my friend Gala's house.


Kristy said...

I'm glad you didn't make him walk. The cupcakes sound yummy, post that recipe:)

4Girls4Me said...

He's such a cutie!! That's so funny! I am exactly the same kind of mom. My bark is SO much worse than my bite. I wouldn't have been able to make him walk either. Don't you just hate it when they call your bluff like that?? Of course, I totally think that I have spoiled my kids by allowing myself to be a compassionate mom, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me at all...

Jan said...

You're a great mom. You're doing it all exactly the way your mom would have and that's great. He's a cutie for sure.

And I do want that recipe!!

Aryn said...

This post was amusing on several levels. Mostly because I'm here picturing you mothering. I have no doubt you're a wonderful mother, but you are also a huge personality... which makes it that much more fun to imagine. And I'm sure your kids are just as spunky. Love the peek inside your life!

Aryn said...

Oh yeah, and Alice was hit? Hm.. I'm not sure I could deal with that.

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