Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Go Blog about it!"

That's what Robert said to me yesterday when I called telling him I was feeling sick to my stomach. I think that's the 2010 version of

"here's a quarter call someone who cares"

What do you think?

Usually he's a little more sympathetic, but he was at work, where he is the

big boss man and it can't get out that he has a sensitive side.

So I forgave him,

But I won't forget.

About 14 years ago he made a snide comment about me becoming one dimensional, a comment that has bit him in the hind quarters more than once.

Robert forgets that I have a near perfect Instant Recall of all things said to me or heard by me.

I'm sure he'll regret ever saying, "go Blog about it."

Other than that the month has been great.

I started to teach seminary on the first day of February.

What is Seminary you ask?

Here is the official word from

Seminary provides weekday religious training for youth in public or private high schools and homeschools.

Each year we focus on one of the scriptures. This year we are studying the Book of Mormon, and while I admit, I was apprehensive at first at how I could manage the five am wake up call, teach high school age kids and get my kids to school on time, I'm happy to say I've been blessed.

With the blessing of teaching Seminary from 6:00-6:45 am each day I've been able to accomplish the following.

1. Keep my house cleaner than it has ever been, including (but not limited to) dishes being done the NIGHT before.

2.Get up early and not hate it- seriously, I wasn't a morning person. Even though some days REQUIRE a nap, I've not been unhappy with the early morning.

3. The kids only missed the bus once- miracle in itself.

4. The Kids have been very helpful in getting up with smiles and getting themselves into the shower.

5. I've really enjoyed the daily study and application.

So that's all I have to "blog about" today.

Holy Coupons Batman