Thursday, April 22, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends

Today I am especially grateful for wonderful friends.
Recently "little Red" our beloved Saturn has been on life support.
Which means Robert is driving the van, since he needs to continue to work and keep us in this lifestyle we've grown accustomed to.
Which means, Joely and I are grounded.
Fortunately we found a Lazarus Mechanic that will be able to resurrect the Transmission for a low fee. Some of you my think it's time to let "little Red" go be with Jesus, but I can't let her go.
It was in 13 years ago that Robert and I lovingly took her off the Saturn lot.
Back then, when Saturn was new, you didn't buy the car, you joined their family.
They chanted and took your picture.
You joined a cult.
Well now that Saturn is no longer, where would Little Red go if we don't keep her? I shudder to think that she would be suffer in a junk yard.
David Will be driving in 4 years, what better gift to him than the first car he ever road in?
After all she's a classic.

But back to my friends.
So since Little Red, is awaiting her transport to the mechanic, I've needed help.
And like always my great friends come through for me.

When I worked at the San Jacinto ER, one of the FEW great things about the place was meeting some great co-workers. One is Hope Hart- and like her name suggests she fills everyone's heart with hope. She's a great person and wonderful friend and she makes you feel better just by being around her. I needed to take Truffles to the vet yesterday

Look closely and you'll see the fish hook hanging out of her mouth.

When I sent Hope the distress call, she quickly agreed and even said, "Yeah I'm so glad we get to spend time together." What a great friend, not just willing to transport us but happy to spend the time with us.

As you can see Truffles is now OK --thanks Hope!

Also yesterday, I was bored in the morning, so Precious Megan picked up Joely and I and we went to the park. It was double good, because I got to spend time with both her and precious Jacob and Joely was able to play with Keegan. Megan is great and I'm glad that if I don't see her everyday, I talk to her everyday and she helps keep my sanity in check. She's also been a great friend to David, she lets him do homework at her house so he can stay focused and has inspired him to pursue running, his first race is on Saturday.

As if yesterday wasn't busy enough, Alice has art on Wednesdays, obviously I couldn't drive her there, so her art teacher Miss Alex, came and picked her up. Alex and her family have been our besties since Quentin was in 2nd grade. I'm so glad we know them, they've been so helpful and just fun to hang out with. It's always a giggle fest with them.

Another great friend came through yesterday too- Connie Whiffen and I met through cub scouts, three years ago- she's an amazing mom, patient and giving. She is always so willing to help out and I love her to pieces, her kids are some of my favorites too and her mom and husband also make me feel like family. Yesterday Connie quickly agreed to pick up David after school so he didn't have to miss his Chess Club, one of the very few things he loves about school.

On Tuesday I had to miss my monthly in-service meeting for Seminary, so my BFF Myriam took copious notes and got my packet of info for me, she called yesterday with the updates and I didn't feel so guilty for missing the meeting. Myriam is a great party planner and I've been grabbing on her coat tails to be a hostess with her for different showers, she does all the creative work and I get some of the credit- it's a great friendship.

Thinking about how blessed I was yesterday by my friends, I thought of two "old" friends from Laredo. Back then, all we had was little Red, My friend Julie Woodmansee, was so kind to pick me and the boys up so we could go to the "childrens Museum" in Laredo or go swim at her house or anything fun so we weren't stuck in our house. She made us feel so welcome in the desert. Another real good friend, Heather Moulton was the first to call to see "when" she could pick me up, not "if" I needed a ride. Heather would always thank me for the opportunity to drive us because she said it allowed her to live a longer fuller life when helping out others.

I hope to one day be as great of a friend to others like the friends I have are to me, and I hope my Children are learning how to be good friends too. I have many wonderful friends, not named, but you know who you are!

Thanks y'all!

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