Saturday, April 03, 2010

Unable to Sleep

I anticipate the Easter Bunny will be hop hop hopping down the bunny trail.
I can't sleep.
Maybe it was all the peanut butter eggs I binged on all day.
Maybe it's the excitement of tomorrows blog worthy event,
Crawfish Boil/Easter Egg Hunt at Uncle Rex and Aunt June's house.
Maybe I'm going through the change.
I'm also anticipating a friend going into labor, what if she goes into labor and I'm asleep and don't hear the phone? Will she still be able to have the baby if I'm not literally on call?
Maybe and I think this is it, It's a list in my head of the many things left undone, that I am not motivated to do.
And maybe it's just knowing that I don't have to get up early tomorrow.
Tomorrow Night I'll post pictures of the Eggstravaganza at the Petty's house.
You'll wish you were there.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Here is the video from the birthday visit to Austin.

Please note how ADORABLE Joely is looking at all the cute egg and bunny decor.

Also note, Joely is wearing Alice's hat. LISTEN CLOSELY.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

David almost went to "be with Jesus"

One of the 12 River Crossings
For those of you with an eagle eye, figure out why this is going on the awkward family photos. just remember what I learned in the 80's "crack kills"
David lost and regained his "lucky" hat. He's now a huge Owls Fan. He'll do well when he attends Rice on a full scholarship.

Climbing the rocks leading up to the top of the big rock/mountain.

Just after "the incident"

On the Very top, according to an US geological survey marker

Before I proceed, let me whine that I was unable to move the photos, but since Blogger is free, I am getting way more than I paid for.

The video was taken "before" the incident.

Robert took David and Quentin on a hike to Enchanted Rock. And of Course Alice was not be left behind. We went to mom and Dad's house for a few days of spring break and on March 19th the small clan of Mullens made their trek from Round Rock to Fredrickbsurg at 6 am. The thing with Enchanted Rock is that only a certain amount of people are allowed in each day and so you need to get there when they open. They arrived at 8:00 am and began their trek.

Joely and I are basing this blog on the information given to us. We stayed behind and promptly got back in bed. We had an early lunch at Delaware Subs with mom and dad and then went and spent the afternoon with Yvette Fuller, my sister from another mister, we also got to see Brother and Sister Davis who have always been very special to me. So special in fact that she's lived in her "new" house for 7 years or longer and I'm just now saw it on this trip. I had sooo many wonderful friends in Austin it's hard to see any of them on my trips back home.

But I digress...

So the hikers arrived at the summit at about 10 am everyone was thrilled, so excited they called me and told me they made it. Quentin however needed to hike for at least 5 miles to earn his outdoorsmen activity badge for webelos (funny side note, I just realized when I made this link that the requirement is only 3 miles--) So off they went on the hiking trails. They had a great lunch (prepared lovingly by me) and kept on trecking.

And then we almost lost David. Literally his life was in the balance.

While hiking ahead of Robert and Alice he came across a rattlesnake, coiled and ready to strike. Quentin was very close by, but as David said,"In that moment I wasn't worrying about Quentin." What Robert and Alice saw was David looking at something and then David and Quentin running like they stole something and screaming.

Apparently the snake was almost 6 feet long.

If it wasn't for the fast feet of David, he would have been left on the trail to be food for the vultures. He's too heavy to carry out.

I am so glad he can run like Forest.

And so can Quentin, as needed.

Robert reported that ALice was a trooper and only had trouble with the last 1/2 mile when her "dogs were barking."

They came home to Rudy's for dinner and one of my oldest Austin Buddies, Carla Salas joined us, it was a great weekend. I'll post another cute video of Joely seeing her gramma and us all singing happy birthday to Robert and my Dad-

Holy Coupons Batman