Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Day at Baybrook Mall

The new look of Her Royal Highness, Alice Anne Mullens
Today we had lunch at Chuy's- for all of you Texas Ex-Pats, I know you are jealous- it was awesome- Thanks to Allie for the delicious idea and for treating us!
Then after lunch it was time to hit the Lego store at Baybrook Mall. I figured in order to keep the boring cries to a minimum, I'd take Alice to get her hair done while the boys perused. They had fun and were able to find some lego sets, without breaking the budget and Alice got the new Reverse bob, with a stack. She wants to look like her pal Sister Zambrano- and now she does- It's an adorable cut and she had a blast getting her hair done. When Allie asked her what her dad would say, she said, "Oh he'll love it because it's beautiful"
We need not worry about her self confidence when she starts Kindergarten next month- (WAH WAH WAH)

Visions from surfside

Quentin and Austin McCoy
We spent five magical days and 4 night in Surfside Texas with our friends from St. George Utah, Allison and Austin Mcoy- It was great we rented a beach house, ate cereal and sandwiches and were beach bums. Hurricane Dolly touched ground and caused some havoc in South Texas, but here in the northern part of the Texas Gulf Coast, we only received some rain, so Wednesday we didn't swim, but the rest of the time was fun in the sun.
I love Surfside, it's a quiet lazy town free of the high rises and tourist traps of Galveston, it's located near Lake Jackson and Freeport off of Highway 288 south from Houston. Allison and Austin are here until Wednesday, in addition to Surfside they've enjoyed a pioneer day celebration on Saturday and they came to church with us on Sunday. Allison was prepared to substitute in Primary, but all of the teachers were there, so she held cute baby Delyla while my friend Gala did music time. We plan on doing some more swimming and to visit the Lego Store at Baybrook Mall. Good times, Good Times-

Getting in the last word

This is Alice, she was supposed to be IN her room
(she's only NEAR her room)
Last Sunday (july 20)was a bad day for Alice. For some reason Her and David stayed up until at least two am the night before, when I went to bed I told them to go to bed, but apparently I spoke portuguese to them and they misunderstood me. So when at 7:30 I had to wake them up for church, none were happy to get up. (side note- Quentin had stayed with Grandma Mullens) During the Sacrament Meeting portion of church both Alice and David slept and this seemed to rally David into being in a good mood, not for Alice. She threw some tantrums during Primary Singing time, (jr. sunday school) and so I took her out. When she starts to get mad, she gets louder and louder, frankly I've learned to appreciate the QUIET pouting of David and Quentin. She was so out of control, I took her to the car where Robert was waiting. She was acting out the parts in the bible that mention, "wheeping, wailing and a gnasing of teeth"
Church finally ended and we were on our way to Grandma Dorothy's birthday party. It should have been a magical event- Briscuit all the sides and desserts- all the aunts and uncles were there, even Ronny's family from S.C.- he had come in town to show off his new son-in-law and adorable grandbaby. Well something happened that set Alice off and she was in the throes of a meltdown. Robert had to forcible remove her and we made a mad dash out of the house. It was a bad scene, but at least we left the family with something to talk about!
So when we get home, about two o'clock, Robert declared Alice would be confined to her room. She was furious, but we thought she would fall asleep and all would be well---- Well she did not fall asleep. We heard cries of torture and abandonemnt. When it was dinner time and I brought her dinner in her room (she has a table for tea parties) she lost it- "This is worse than a zoo, I'm in a cage with no family" Finally around nine o'clock, the cried ended and I found her in the hallway asleep, with no part of her body in her room. It's comical, she did end up getting her own way after 7 hours of fighting.
My mom has a similiar story of me and some tinkertoys, I'm sure she'll tell you, if you just ask!

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