Monday, February 02, 2009

12 years, 13 years who is counting?

Robert and I celebrated twelve years of wedded bliss on Saturday the 31st. I had been going around saying 13 years but on Saturday I realized that we had been married almost two years when David was born so that would make him eleven and he's only ten, and then some rudimentary math later I realized that 2009-1997 is only 12 years, so although it feels like we've been married forever, it's only 12 short- fun filled years.

Technically we were married on the 27th, twelve months and one day from the day we met, but that was on a Tuesday night and who really wants to celebrate on a weeknight?
So we made a romantic getaway on Saturday, we stayed at the Intercontinental hotel near the Galleria. For Dinner we ate at a new to us Pappas restaurant called Yia Yia Mary's. IT was awesome Greek Food. We both ate different choices, for instance Robert didn't just get Fried Shrimp- he got a traditional Greek skewered meat. I ordered a lamb gyro (hero) and we shared this awesome sausage with fried tomatoes and feta as an appetizer. I made sure to save room for dessert and we shared an awesome chocolate cake drenched in raspberry sauce.

It was fun to get some time to ourselves. The kids all had fun. Quentin went to Uncle Bo and Aunt Tessie's house. Uncle Bo took him to the auto show and to the monster truck jam and then they later made cd's of the foo fighters and Kid Rock. Quentin also borrowed a ton of movies from Uncle Bo's extensive DVD collection. I was happy to watch Sleeping Beauty for the first time in ages. We have it on VHS but it's been years since our VCR worked.
David spent another fun filled weekend with Travis Anderson. Travis (and his parents) are very good friends of ours. They are VERY KIND to have David spend lots of nights with them. Travis is a wonderful kid, I call him "value added" when he comes to our house, he makes things easier. Everyone gets along and he is very polite and super funny. Alice and Joely were spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa Mullens. Originally Mom and Dad were supposed to visit, and keep the kids, but then their car got in an accident. Fortunately they were in a restaurant when it happened and only the car was hurt, but it suffered extensive damage and so they were unable to make the trip.
I'll blog about Alice's chef party later and upload some pictures. It was a smashing success, she had 20 little friends over playing, cooking, dancing, eating and competing in a Super Simon Says game (thanks to the quick thinking Robert)
I know I should get all mushy mushy and tell you all the great things about Robert, but I'm afraid many of you would go into some kind of diabetic coma. Suffice it to say that I am so happy to be married to him and that he's my "baby daddy" -- Seriously he's wonderful and we're wonderful together. I know our kids will one day realize what a special Dad they have. Right now they take all of his gracious giving for granted. He truly does think of all of us first.
I started painting the interior of our house, so I'll see how "lovey dovey" we continue during the "restoration" of the house.

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