Friday, July 02, 2010

Rainy Summer Days

Our new obsession is GLEE
Through the miracle of Netflix the girls and I have watched the first 10 episodes.
We laugh and I sometimes cry.
But mostly we are singing the songs and Dancing.
Alice is awesome at interpretive dancing.
Watching videos is a great way to waste a way a RAINY
RAINY week in SE Texas.
My tan is diminishing...
Joely has been taking some extra naps.
Not pictured is Quentin, I didn't want to risk waking him with the flash
But yesterday he slept until three pm.
When he woke up he declared,
"I'm hungry and my head hurts."

Just showing you her healthy lunch.
Turkey Sandwhich with mustard cheese and lettuce and
instead of chips, tomatoes, carrots and green peppers to munch on.
Love my little VEGAN

My friend posted this link about ten reasons why having a toddler is like being at a frat party.
And my favorite entry was #9- there is always a girl in the corner crying her eyes out.
Robert was appalled I took this picture, he shook his head and said,
"her timeout is not for your enjoyment"
Joely is getting a little cabin fever and she's been throwing things at Alice like
HARD WOOD BLOCKS, Alice's PET ROCK, Barbies, really anything that can be an effective weapon, even her blankie can cause pain.
So we started the nose in the corner because ANY other punishment ends in her laughing at us.

So this is how you find David, playing Xbox live and chatting while he kills Zombies in Left for Dead 2. He can't wait to get "Naughty Bear"
Which is a sweet little video game about a Teddy Bear that doesn't get invited to the party and goes on a killing rampage.
Cute- thank you deranged game developer.
David has fun though, he explains that he understand that violence isn't the answer, that the bloodshed isnt' real and when real people get shot/maimed/etc. they can't pick up a backback with a red cross on it and get healed instantly.
He's grounded in reality.
For now we wait for the storms to pass before we can see the light of day again and we are REALLY looking forward to Robert being home for three days in a row!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So What's up with David?

Proof that he loves me.
His grandma had been wondering so here is what he's been doing..

  1. Playing Xbox 360 Live (he's got the gold membership- sweetmamak is the gamer name)

  2. Sleeping Late due to staying up all night playing against Travis on Xbox live

  3. Working on his personal hygeine (I went Swimming, why do I need to shower?)

  4. Running. ( He had run one 5k and one 1K and is in training for his next one)

  5. Finishing up his Tenderfoot Requirements- Just the pesky knots are left

  6. Swimming

    One month of summer down and he's had a blast. He and Quentin spent a week at South Padre Island with Rob's parents. He's stayed with Travis and has some friends stay here. He's been swimming at least 5 times a week and he goes running and is working on his Fitness Merit Badge. He's up to 100 situps and 20 pushups. He finally was able to do one pull up, he's been working on that since April. Last night he got proficient in his knot tying, so at our next troop meeting he'll get one final test and should be able to have his board of review for his Tenderfoot. He completed his Weather MErit Badge, and next week after his Dental Exam he'll have his Dentistry merit badge and he's pretty close to getting his fingerprinting one. But like he says, just one month and 24 days of freedom left. He plans on making it all count.

The Stuff of Nightmares

Robert, Precious Robert, says, "It wouldn't hurt you to fill in the hole that YOUR dog dug up"

so I thought, "Sure I'd rather fill it in than have Truffles chew through the water pipe"

But while I was shoveling, I had the uncanny feeling that I was being watched.
And being watched, I was.
By 8 beady eyes.

So Robert, You are wrong, It could really hurt me to fill in the hole.
The thing moved along it's web, all the while looking at me, wanting to capture me in its delicate web.
I did notice that there were several mosquitos squirreled away for its breakfast.
I shall call it Charlotte and it will save us from swarms of pests.
That is until Hurricane Alex makes landfall anyway.

Holy Coupons Batman