Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Stuff of Nightmares

Robert, Precious Robert, says, "It wouldn't hurt you to fill in the hole that YOUR dog dug up"

so I thought, "Sure I'd rather fill it in than have Truffles chew through the water pipe"

But while I was shoveling, I had the uncanny feeling that I was being watched.
And being watched, I was.
By 8 beady eyes.

So Robert, You are wrong, It could really hurt me to fill in the hole.
The thing moved along it's web, all the while looking at me, wanting to capture me in its delicate web.
I did notice that there were several mosquitos squirreled away for its breakfast.
I shall call it Charlotte and it will save us from swarms of pests.
That is until Hurricane Alex makes landfall anyway.


Rebecca and Co. said...

That thing could eat one of your kids!

4Girls4Me said...

That is too freaky! Aagh!! I'm sorry that your dog is digging holes like mine. My gigantic dog has dug himself a burrow under my house. ?? He's like a ginormous rodent. He also chewed through the cable running into the house but oddly enough, it still works?... But I'm happy you didn't get attacked by the gigantic scary spider whilst trying to salvage your yard. :)

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