Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Hey Dayton Broncos, We're after YOU!!!
The Best thing about living in a small town, is the community.
Right now we are in Football Season and everyone gets into the
All the billboards say "go big red" "Go Cougars" etc.
The Football players eat lunch with the elementary school kids.
Ticket bought in advance are cheap and you can get them at any school.
Everyone is pumped up.
The Best fundraiser I have ever seen is for the cheerleaders and they do a
(drum roll please)
Mini Cheer Camp
They let the 1-4 grade girls learn cheers 4 days after school for the low low price of only 20.00
And then...
They get to cheer the first quarter of the game that week-
So our little princess had to be a part of it this year.
(she's in the red)
This year had a little quirk from Mother Nature.


But as you know,
In Texas, nothing stops a game-
So Alice stayed out there as cold as she was for the whole quarter.
We left shortly after she was done, since it was so cold and wet and we didnt' have anyone playing on the field...
But Crosby went on to Beat the Dayton Broncos, I'm sure the extra cheering during the first quarter is what kept the momentum going.

And here is the money shot- Alice got to see her most favorite person ever-


She's an avid booster of the football team, so she was selling spirit gear. It was wonderful to see her, she was being showered with hugs from her previous students.

It was a very fun night. Best of All, big brother Quentin let her wear his jersey so Alice looked extra cool and very spirited.

They cheered some old favorites, 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate- Hey let's fire it up-2 bits 4 bits 6 bits a dollar-- Come on cheer with me!

And now we can't stop but say "you got to rock with the red and roll with the white"

Hey Hey you, You know what to do!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I fell off the wagon-

Vampires are back in my life.

It was peer pressure

The New year started with a resolve to close the coffin on Vampires.

And I lasted until about a couple of weeks ago when my friend Gala convinced me that I would love the Salvatore Brothers.

and I Do love them.
Time stands still on Thursdays from 7:00-8:00.
Me and the rest of the teens who watch the CW are now hooked on the mystery of the vampire history of Mystic Falls.
Admittedly I was slow to jump on the bandwagon and therefore fall off the wagon.
My fellow vampire loving friends told me I "HAD" to watch it.
But I was a snob, after all it's on the CW- which used to be the WB and when they had Charmed on I would watch it, but really I'm not their target audience.
So I didn't watch it.
But then Gala called.
She said I needed it in my life.
She was right.
There are books written that the series is based on, but I'm not reading them, yet anyway.
I'm too entranced in the mystery, excitement and absolute terror.
For those of you who has missed them, you can catch them on this link.
So the gist of it is, there are two brothers, Damon who feeds on humans and Stefan who feeds on animals. They return to their ancestral home of Mystic Falls (I think Virginia) and the mayhem begins. There are some in Mystic Falls that have retained a knowledge of how to hunt the vampires, but most people dont' remember.
In this tale, you have to invite the vampires into your homes. Thus confirming my fear of ever inviting anyone into my home. I just hope that anyone that I've already invited in, is not a vampire.
So the other night, I was waiting for everyone to go to sleep so I could watch it and not traumatize the kids and it was probably midnight, you know the bewitching hour!!!
Of course Truffles needs to go outside and since she's still in potty training you have to go out there with her and praise her. I was petrified. It was a typical hot muggy SE Texas night and I had goosebumps, I just knew a hungry vampire was "fixin" to attach his teeth to my neck and drain me. Leaving Robert to raise the kids alone, without a mother.
Luckily we made it back in unscathed and Truffles took care of business in a quick manner.
So I dare you, invite the Vampire Diaries into your life.


Putting a lid on drugs

Today was hillarious hat day for day four of Red Ribbon Week-

Alice went a little corny- as did Big Brother David

About 4 years ago, we had a similiar day, that ended not quite as hillarious

Quentin circa October 2005

He made his own Hillarious Hat and nobody laughed.

Poor Q-bone.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prince David celebrates the advent of his eleventh year

In addition to it being David's birthday it's also day two of Red Ribbon Week.

Today is retro day.

He told me last night before bed that he wanted to dress up.

I'm not my mom, I can't pull something fabulous out of thin air-

so this was the best I could do, a greaser circa 1950.

I can't beleive 11 years have passed.

He's such a great kid.

He's also very very funny. You have to listen close because it's sometimes quite subtle.

He's got a great sense of humor.

Here are a few of his favorite things

His mama- (LOL)


Video games


Missing school

His grandparents (really should be number one spot)

Another thing he has shown an interest in is "bulking up" and he's been bugging us to get him a weight set. I didn't want to go all nutso and buy him a brand new set to rust away- so I went to craigslist and with the help of Rob's parents-

He got his wish.

A "new" weight set.

Without the grandparents truck and muscle , Robert and I would still be trying to fit it in the mini van.

Clearly he's thrilled. Soon he will be building brawn and dawn and "pumping it up"- we'll call him Arnold soon enough.

He had a great birthday, he got an "early" birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Mullens a couple of weeks ago. (Scribblenauts for DS- sweet)
My mom and dad were with him this weekend and so he got another early gift (fossile fighters for ds- apparently it's AWESOME)

And then last night Grandma showed up with Action Replay a device that lets you get cheat codes for various games. He's been bugging me for months to get him that- I refused but that's what grandparents are for, to get things that parents dont' want to get.

He's having a great day so far and it's only going to get better-

Holy Coupons Batman