Thursday, October 22, 2009

I fell off the wagon-

Vampires are back in my life.

It was peer pressure

The New year started with a resolve to close the coffin on Vampires.

And I lasted until about a couple of weeks ago when my friend Gala convinced me that I would love the Salvatore Brothers.

and I Do love them.
Time stands still on Thursdays from 7:00-8:00.
Me and the rest of the teens who watch the CW are now hooked on the mystery of the vampire history of Mystic Falls.
Admittedly I was slow to jump on the bandwagon and therefore fall off the wagon.
My fellow vampire loving friends told me I "HAD" to watch it.
But I was a snob, after all it's on the CW- which used to be the WB and when they had Charmed on I would watch it, but really I'm not their target audience.
So I didn't watch it.
But then Gala called.
She said I needed it in my life.
She was right.
There are books written that the series is based on, but I'm not reading them, yet anyway.
I'm too entranced in the mystery, excitement and absolute terror.
For those of you who has missed them, you can catch them on this link.
So the gist of it is, there are two brothers, Damon who feeds on humans and Stefan who feeds on animals. They return to their ancestral home of Mystic Falls (I think Virginia) and the mayhem begins. There are some in Mystic Falls that have retained a knowledge of how to hunt the vampires, but most people dont' remember.
In this tale, you have to invite the vampires into your homes. Thus confirming my fear of ever inviting anyone into my home. I just hope that anyone that I've already invited in, is not a vampire.
So the other night, I was waiting for everyone to go to sleep so I could watch it and not traumatize the kids and it was probably midnight, you know the bewitching hour!!!
Of course Truffles needs to go outside and since she's still in potty training you have to go out there with her and praise her. I was petrified. It was a typical hot muggy SE Texas night and I had goosebumps, I just knew a hungry vampire was "fixin" to attach his teeth to my neck and drain me. Leaving Robert to raise the kids alone, without a mother.
Luckily we made it back in unscathed and Truffles took care of business in a quick manner.
So I dare you, invite the Vampire Diaries into your life.


geraldandmeganlove said...

hahaha. I knew you would love it. Looking forward to what happends on tonights episode.

KCsMomma said...

You crack me up! Is THIS why you didn't invite me over but met me at Megan's????LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I need to tape those things!

KCsMomma said...

By the way, Catching Fire was AWESOME!!! Collins needs to write faster!

SweetmamaK said...

karla- this is why I'll NEVER invite anyone in, if you can't cross the threshold on your own, then you need to stay out.
For anyone interested Robert says, not to worry, the kids will have another mother, he'll remarry- quickly, but for money next time around!

4Girls4Me said...

You're so funny! I don't think I dare watch it. I am the biggest baby in the world. If YOU'RE scared to take your puppy out to pee, there's no telling what it will do to ME! :) I'm so glad you survived - no one makes me laugh like you! :)

Hope Farms said...

Oh, Stefan... After watching tonight's episode I caught myself being drawn to Damon...Soooo evil and those eyelashes. I'm still torn... Will be be fighting over the leads in this series? I'm glad I was able to steer ou in the right direction...the vamp direction...just beware who you invite in. Vervain? who needs it

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