Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Hey Dayton Broncos, We're after YOU!!!
The Best thing about living in a small town, is the community.
Right now we are in Football Season and everyone gets into the
All the billboards say "go big red" "Go Cougars" etc.
The Football players eat lunch with the elementary school kids.
Ticket bought in advance are cheap and you can get them at any school.
Everyone is pumped up.
The Best fundraiser I have ever seen is for the cheerleaders and they do a
(drum roll please)
Mini Cheer Camp
They let the 1-4 grade girls learn cheers 4 days after school for the low low price of only 20.00
And then...
They get to cheer the first quarter of the game that week-
So our little princess had to be a part of it this year.
(she's in the red)
This year had a little quirk from Mother Nature.


But as you know,
In Texas, nothing stops a game-
So Alice stayed out there as cold as she was for the whole quarter.
We left shortly after she was done, since it was so cold and wet and we didnt' have anyone playing on the field...
But Crosby went on to Beat the Dayton Broncos, I'm sure the extra cheering during the first quarter is what kept the momentum going.

And here is the money shot- Alice got to see her most favorite person ever-


She's an avid booster of the football team, so she was selling spirit gear. It was wonderful to see her, she was being showered with hugs from her previous students.

It was a very fun night. Best of All, big brother Quentin let her wear his jersey so Alice looked extra cool and very spirited.

They cheered some old favorites, 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate- Hey let's fire it up-2 bits 4 bits 6 bits a dollar-- Come on cheer with me!

And now we can't stop but say "you got to rock with the red and roll with the white"

Hey Hey you, You know what to do!


Adrienne said...

How cute! I did some kind of cheer camp once. I thought it would have been so fun to be a cheerleader when I was her age! Sadly--I didn't make the cut haha!

Renae said...

Way to go Quinten and Alice. I like the idea of a jr. cheer group and getting the siblings more involved. Football Fridays look big out there!
On another note, Gala from your last post...I hadn't heard about that. Sounds good. And a vampire eating animals, thank you Stephenie Meyer. WB on Thur.?

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