Saturday, June 12, 2010

School's Out for Summer

Can you hear Alice Cooper Singing? I am soooo glad that school is out. This was our first full week. Dylan Hutchings came over to spend the week. He and Quentin got up early (7:30 am) to get to football camp. Last year at the end of Football Camp David said, "Hey mom, next year when you think of signing me up for football camp, Don't!!!!" David likes to play, but he's like me, anything that starts early in the morning (with the exception of seminary) can't be any good. Then in the evenings, Dylan David and I went to twilight camp.
Twilight camp is actually for cub scouts, but if there are scout leaders who want to lead merit badge classes for boy sctous whose parents are working the twilight camp then the boy scouts can go. Naturally I signed up to do it. It would be easy. Typically there are about 8 boys, I asked my other leaders who was in and The Knights both agreed. Pat taught Dentistry, her husband Erik taught Fingerprinting and I picked Weather. In hindsight, it was a really lousy idea. Instead of 8 boys we had 32!!! YES 32- CRAZY. They were of course for the most part really good and I enjoyed them, but it was too much to keep a handle on. And to be honest the boys were immensly bored. Can you blame them? Come to the camp for 3 hours to learn about WEATHER???? Fingerprinting and Dentistry were at least hands on, but Weather what was I thinking? LOL- I know what I was thinking, I picked something we could start and finish, it wasn't my best work. THen the last night we had them working on citizenship merit badges, they started some, but for the most part they wanted to play, and I don't blame them. The Cubs were doing some real fun activities including being sprayed on by a fire truck. Needless to say, next year I won't be raising my hand, and at the next few round tables, I will be ducking my head in shame- hee hee- anyhoo Alice had a blast, she was in the cub camp as a "me too" with about 8 other little sisters of cub scouts. She loved the crafts, games and comraderie with the other girls. So I will say with all certainty, I am glad I did it because it made Alice happy. I'm also very proud of David because even though he was bored, he was a super boy and did everything he was asked and he maintained a happy heart, which under the circumstances he could have gone with the "eye roll" attitude. He knows when I'm feeling down and does a good job of trying to lift my spirits. Also a shout out to Quentin because he babysat Joely for about an hour every night and he was thrilled to do so. She usually fell asleep and he could play Halo ODST uninterrupted until we got home at about ten, but for those few minutes that we were leaving he had to basically stand on his head and do a jig to keep her from going ballistic. He said, "I was like her servant" he got her ice cream, cookies, chips, Dr. Pepper, juice whatever she asked and then rocked her to sleep. Robert and I have great Kids. Oh and This would have been Quentin's third year at twilight camp and he wasn't interested in going, he's almost done with his arrow of light requirements and can't wait to be a boy scout. I realize that most of this sounds like I'm speaking a foreign language, but it is what it is.
I figure if you are still reading by now you are Allie- Hey Allie!
The boys are off on vacation with Grandma and Grandpa Mullens and the girls are watching Toy Story 2 for the very first time. This suprises me because how many times did I watch this with the boys? We have it on VHS and DVD and yet somehow the girls never saw it. I am listening to it and I still have it memorized. It makes me wonder, what else did they miss out on? I know I exposed them to the Princess Classics, but I think they missed Lion King. They saw Lion King 1 1/2 but I'm positive never Lion King 2. What else have they been deprived of? Maybe this week we will catch up on some classics as I did deep into my DVD Vault.
Robert isn't having much of a summer break, in fact he's working more. He's had to work last Sunday and he'll go in tomorrow, and probably every Sunday for awhile. He never complains and I love that. I am making a goal to be a better and supportive wife, this summer he'll have good food with plenty of veggies and no calls from the road to pick up Frenchy's or Chinese Food.
Have a great summer y'all!

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