Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Land of the Lost

On the last day of school, nearly two weeks ago, I took the kids and two of David's friends to the movies. We originally were slated to see UP but it was sold out- So we saw land of the Lost, which is what I wanted to see anyway- so win win right?
WRONG!!!! Although it was funny, this is definatly not for children and although similiar to the wonderful show with awesome special effects that I watched all through my youth, it is not for children. The language was inappropriate, ceramic boob shots, Chaka kept his hand's on Holly's breasts and there was also a little sleestak mating.
For adults it was hilario!!! I was so embarrassed though that I had other children with me.
I still think the pupettry in the 70's is way better than any digital special effects they have now,
Call me Old School, (another hilario will farrell movie)
One thing I agree with the makers of the movie is "Matt Lauer can suck it!"

Fare thee well Mrs. Randolph...

Alice was so blessed this year with Mrs. Randolph. We are sooo going to miss her. She is a seasoned teacher who truly loves her job. She considers it her calling from God and she certainly is fulfilling her calling.
I wish she would teach first grade too!
Some great things she did-
1. She made us a memory book of all the fun things they did this year.
2. She made Alice (and subsequently all the other children) feel like they were the most important children on earth.
3. Her parties were well planned and lots of fun.
4. When it was clear that Alice could read well, she let Alice read from her "personal" collection- Alice cherished those books.
5. When Alice went to sea world, Mrs. Randolph sent a special book bag, with pencils, erasers, colors, markers, worksheets, books and a notebook, so she could "keep up" (alice was only gone one day) Alice again felt so important.
6. She instilled a love of learning that will last Alice her lifetime.
We worried that our little center of the universe would be overlooked, but she wasn't. Alice chose to go to school on a day she could have stayed home to be with her grandparents (because Mrs. Randolph would miss her)
If you are in Crosby, request Mrs. Randolph!

Holy Coupons Batman