Friday, May 08, 2009

Oxy clean really does get the Blood out!

The other day, and by other I mean it could have been yesterday or 4 weeks ago. Now that I'm working nights the days all blend together, I can't recall when it happened, but I do regret not getting the camera out.

Joely and I came home from shopping at HEB for FRESH produce, unlike the crap they try and pass off as human food here in crosby, I digress. We came home to what I can only describe as a crime scene. There was blood everywhere. I quickly gathered my wits and remembered Alice is at school, David and Quentin are at school- the Saturn wasn't parked outside so I assumed Robert was at work- I guess realistically there could have been a car jacking/home invasion but I mean whose gonna take off in the Saturn (besides sainted Robert every day?) So that leaves a couple of theories- ( I did check closets and bedrooms for severed heads/corpses- ya never know!)
  1. Our house is over an indian burial ground and it's going to be like Poltergeist from here on out. Allegedly it could happen, legend states that Crosby is built on an indian burial ground..

  2. The blood really isn't there, and I'm dreaming about crime scenes based on my extensive knowledge of crime and police procedure that I've learned from countless hours of dedicated crime drama watching. (man those CSI guys are thorough)

  3. Something happened to Sammi-

It was actually number three. Sammi was bleeding from a wound on her paw. It was apparently like a child's head wound, it most certainly looked worse than what it was. I got her cleaned up (a herculian task) and sent her outside because I couldn't control the bleeding from the small wound and it's not exactly feasible to get a bandaid on a dog when all I have are tatoo band-aids She's fine, I took her to the vet she didn't require stitches and she's on an antibiotic along with some medicine for arthritis (she's almost 12 and just a tad obese)

I was then left with the mess of the carpet. I searched my cabinets for some blood be gone and found an oxy clean spray bottle for the carpet. I followed the instructions and before I could even suck it up in my steam cleaner the blood was gone. Pretty cool huh?

We are so glad to have Sammi and I hate that she's been sick, I hope she's around another 12 years.

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