Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Party like it's 1999 and too many bipeds at the zoo.

This is our own personal Rock Band. Tonight as we ring in the new year we will be rockin' out to the tunes on Rock Band. Not pictured is Quentin on vocals, he's pretty awesome at hitting the pitch, not so awesome at getting the right words, but he has fun. David is pretty wicked on drums. He does all kinds of fancy moves.
Yesterday was a zoo day. Apparently everyone in Houston had the same idea. And those lame West U moms with their huge mega stroller, high heels and digital cam corders were seriously irrititating me. We decided there were way too many bipeds at the zoo, but for the kids sake, we saw everything but the monkeys and reptiles. Well also we missed the bird house and the aquarium. Normally we don't hit all four of those exhibits, but always the reptiles and at least one of the others. Usually the aquarium on the way out or in, but again, too many bipeds!!!
They have several new elephants so that was nice to see and I always love to watch the meer kats. They have a new 3.5 million dollar elephant barn that can hold up to 9 elephants comfrotably. David was funny he said, "Look mom, it's an elephant habitat, just like in the wild complete with steel bars and lots of poop." He has inhereited our sarcasm, and I appreciate that. Sadly the Koalas have gone home to San Diego and there wern't any praire dogs out and the Ken and Sharon Lay Prarie Dog exhibit. Joely was either in our out of the stroller and also she'd get angry when she couldn't climb up and see the exhibit, she most certainly did not want to be picked up by a very willing dad to see, she wanted to do it herself. That led to a few unforgettable moments with her.
This is in the natural encounters exhibit, by far my favorite "house" at the zoo. It holds a lot of fun precious memories. Where else but on Kim Possible can you see Naked Mole rats?
Joely spent a lot of time "people watching" but when an animal caught her eye, it was a delight, she'd screach and exclain, "wook Daddy or wook Dadid" she was so much fun.
In case you don't know, Alice and I went to the zoo almost every week the year I had Joely. She was in a special zoo class and so the zoo is definatly her stomping grounds. We went several times last year, but we havn't been back since the summer. She was a little miffed that they had moved the zebras, they are still in the same general area as where they were, but now they are in the exhibit with all the other hooved animals. Alice and I agree zebras are special and should be treated to their own habitat.
Afterwards it was lunch at Chuys, and it was a miracle, we were able to find parking and we were seated immediatly. Since it was so near Alice's birthday I told the waiter we'd like some brouhaha, but he said they didn't do that at that Chuy's but they would bring her some soapapillas, she was satisfied with that and Robert breathed a sigh of relief. He hates the added attention in a public venue.
We didn't get to see Uncle Bo and Aunt Tessie, they are both fighting the flu. We hope to see them soon-
Happy New Year one and all

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cousins in the news

These are two of my cousins, Todd and Tracy Mecham, with Santa!
Apparently the Seattle area of Washington has been hit with a ton of snow and Todd and Tracy made a sculpture of Santa, they are kids at heart. My memories of Todd and Tracy are neither Todd or Tracy, but always Todd AND Tracy. They are two brothers who I never remember being apart. It's been a long time since I've seen them and I miss them, it was fun to see them "live" on the internet.
Tracy's son submitted the story to the local news station. Click on the title for the link!
Merry Christmas Washington Cousins!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spreading a little Christmas Cheer

So when it comes to Christmas I absolutly stink at taking a zillion pictures. In fact on Christmas Morning I didn't get any of the boys- just the girls??? On Christmas Eve we go to two Christmas Parties, one with Rob's Dad's side of the family and then later with his mom's side. There are presents and family galore, but by the time we make it to Grandma Dorothy's I forget the camera or lose it among the carnage that is Christmas. Here are some cute pics though- We had a great time and we've been too busy Rocking Out with Rock Band so I can't be expected to Blog or take pictures or cook warm food! After all I got five stars on Blondie's, "One way or another"

Here are the boys trying to get out the door with their haul. Note how crappy they are dressed. NO longer will they listen to me and dress cute or match. I have lost that small amount of control.

On the other hand, Here is Alice all decked out like a beautiful snow princess with here equally beautiful cousin Miss Madison Victoria. They are loving their new stuffed animals. Aunt Darlene gave Alice and Joely little Webkinz and Madison is loving the stuffed bear from her Aunt Sue (rob's mom)

And last but not least, here is David admist the fun, reading a book. Just like his dad and his grandpa's, his nose will always be in a book.
I also started working at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital doing Patient registration in the ER, it's pretty brainless, but its ez money and in the ER there is never a dull moment! Tomorrow we are going to the zoo and then have dinner with Uncle Bo and Aunt Tassie and the "new" Chuy's.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has plans for a fun New Year!

Holy Coupons Batman