Monday, July 27, 2009

Having fun with Steff, Molly and Jacob

Do you have an old friend that maybe you hardly ever see or talk to,but when you do it's like no time has passed at all? That's how it is with Steff. I met her 11 years ago this summer. I was the nursing unit secretary at Spring Branch Medical Center and she was the cute doe eyed new graduate nurse. I immediatly dismissed her because she was beautiful, blonde and a had a rock on her finger that Liz Taylor would wear. I assumed she was a moron! I was wrong. She was incredibly smart and super funny. We hit it off real quick. She even invited us over for dinner, and Robert was sooo irritated, he hates to go out with" friends" he doesn't know. But after a few minutes with Pete her super cool husband, even Robert had fun. Pete and Steff are great and fun people! Since then we've both had kids and moved a few times, but they stay in the Katy Area because they have their own business, Equisite floors and rugs of Katy

It is always a joy to see Steff and catch up. Her kids are the ages of Quentin and Alice and they are a load of fun also. Last Monday we all got togethe at their house and played in the pool and ate pizza- It was a day that was awesome for everyone

Isn't the pool awesome? By the end of the day, even Alice was making the leap into the pool from the Rock Wall.

Thanks Steff Jacob and Molly!

Holy Coupons Batman