Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

One of the Crosby traditions that I love is the Homeowners Association puts on a snow party every December. They had fake snow brought in, Dickens Carolers, Santa, Hot Chocolate the whole 9 yards. We go down there and play in the "snow." The kids are always in shorts and t-shirts, it's never even cold enough for coats. One year I am pretty sure I have pics of Alice in Sandals. It's funny. Here are a couple of pictures of the fun in the fake snow

Joely did not like the cold wetness of it all-

This is Alice's back, she's wearing a skirt- David is in shorts and Quentin's in his hoodie.

It was a fun day! David wished it could be real, they all agreed that would be fun. They got their wish last night- It started to snow, really snow and it stuck to the ground. We made a wee snowman with a wee baby carrot nose. Sammi and I stood in the doorway most of the time, I don't like the cold anymore!!!! I was jonesin' for some sunny beach weather.

It always comes back to how adorable Joely is- she's in a cute little windbreaker, compliments of Old Navy circa 2004- I think the same coat Alice wore in the last snow "storm"

Sammi and I being Popcicles- the snowflakes look GINORMOUS!

Hey I don't know how I made the crazy mistiness appear, Perhaps it's the ghost of Christmas Future or something-but I think it looks cool. You can't tell, but Quentin is actually in the picture, he's just got his head down adn with his gangsta hoodie, he's concealed.

On a side note and just wondering if people are still reading this, did anyone look at the heavens last week? Wasn't it amazing to see Mars and Jupiter so close? I read on a friends blog how this sort of phenomenon in the heavens probably apperared around the same time as the advent of the Savior. It was neat to watch the celestial bodies and think of how close we are to our Heavenly Home.

Holy Coupons Batman