Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Building Champions

On Sunday we skipped church and headed to
The University of Texas...
in College Station Texas
The great and powerful
Texas A&M University.
Not to be confused with the lesser t.u. found in Austin.
I digress.
We were taking the boys to Football Camp at the legendary home of
Quentin Coryatt, (remember him Ty Detmer?)
Dat Nguyen (original wrecking Crew)
More Recently the Second Overall Draft Pick and Butkus award Winner
And of course lesser known Twelfth Man
Robert Lee Mullens (check him out on facebook)

Here is the money shot- Future Wrecking Crew Nose Guard
Quentin -- he's putting on his cleats in the TINY Dorm Room,
This is the locker room, David is hanging in Reveille's locker space-
She's the mascot, and she's awesome!
Lore has it that if she's in your classroom and falls asleep,
the professor has to cancel the class.
Joely is ready to go home, she' can't walk anymore, she's tired, hungry and thirsty.

Joely was finally cooling off from our walking tour of campus and stroll down memory lane. She decided to chillax in the locker space of "JUDIE" we'll be watching for him on the field next year. GIGGEM

This is where we were engaged! Now look at us some 15 years later, with 4 kids a dog, a rat and a


This is the Poly Sci building, that was right by our engagement tree. Robert says he'd sit there and dream about the life he'd have with a wonderful wife and children.

I ask him, "What happens when your real life exceeds your dreams?"

And he just smiles.

Here is the 2011 season, look whose on the bottom? That's where they belong.

It's not really a road trip unless we eat at Chuy's.
Alice opted to stay with her grandma and grandpa Mullens.

Engaged. The boys are on electronics and Joely is coloring.


I'll admit it was hard to leave them there.

But I KNOW they'll have fun .

I go pick them up in a few hours and I can't wait to hear how they did.

Their first stop?

They want to go to grandma's hot tub.

Funny how it's never grandpa's house or grandpa's things, it's always grandma's house!

Holy Coupons Batman