Friday, September 25, 2009

Rocket Science

This is my fabulous husband, with a masters degree in Political Science.
And a PHD in keeping his wife happy.
One day we were watching an episode of this old house that was showing cool science project type things to do with kids. They showed a watter bottle rocket launcher- I looked at Mr. Robert (as they say here in Texas)
and said, "PLEASE!!!"
and of course he complied.
He made a couple of different launchers and found that the plans on
were pretty good but he tweaked them
First off he made it much shorter and therefore easier for the kids to do.
He also didnt' mess with the "trigger" it didn't really do that good of a job, and the bottles shot off without the need of a trigger- it just needed enough air pressure.
The Webelos were very impressed and declared,
"this is the best den meeting EVER!!!"
I am so glad he caters to my every whim!
And although he didn't complete A&M with a degree in aerospace engineering as was his plan when he entered- he was still able to make the rocket launch above the trees.
So attaboy, mr. Political Scientist!

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