Tuesday, July 07, 2009


With the other kids gone this week, Quentin has really been pumped about doin' some serious cookin. When we came home on Sunday he got out his cookbooks and planned a menu for the week. Last night he made Rachel Ray's "Steak Night, Table for four" from her 2-4-6-8 cookbook.

It was delish- to quote ms. ray.

The steaks were seasoned with Kosher Salt, and ground Pepper. Then Quentin rubbed fresh Rosemary on them. After having dad Grill them (fire-bad) they were served with Fresh Arugula and Tomatoes on top- the Arugula and Tomoatoes were dressed in EVOO (you know Rachel) and lemon juice and seasoned with some red pepper flakes.

It was a great combo to dig into the juicy meaty goodness and also have a sweetish refreshing fresh from the garden taste.

The sides were baked asparagus and roasted potatoes.

He made the batter for Molten Lava Cakes, but we were so very very stuffed, he's going to make the cakes tonight to enjoy after our Roasted Chicken and baked Mac n Cheese.

It's fun to spend time with him in the Kitchen and he's got a real knack for it. He's like his dad!

Who by the way made me this on Sunday Night.

We had traveled so far and wide to get back home on Sunday that nobody wanted to leave, we figured we'd do a clean the fridge night.
He grilled some yummy sausage for sausage sandwiches, but for me he sauteeed some roma tomatoes and bell peppers from our garden with some onions in (of course) EVOO and then added the Feta Cheese at the end.
It was a great treat!
Thanks Roberto!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Spending the Fourth with My Fam

This year we broke from tradition and went to See mom and dad in Austin, well actually Round Rock, but most people have heard of Austin and only some people have heard of Round Rock, plus when I got married they still lived in Austin. But I digress. The picture shown above is on the way to Austin (round rock) we left as soon as I got off work on Saturday morning and decided against doing breakfast, so instead the children ate the breakfast of champions, individual chip bags! YEAH Robert and Kareena, parents of the year.

This is David, "just outside La Grange" (queue ZZ TOP music) at a scenic overlook. We had to stop and let Truffles use the bathroom. There were a gazillion Texas Sized Grasshoppers and David had to catch as many as time would allow. Mean Mom that I am would not allow him to take any in the car. Joely revolted at about Bastrop Texas and wished that was where Grandma and Grandpa lived- she weeped, wailed and gnashed her teeth the rest of the way (about an hour) until we got to our destination.
As soon as we got to mom and dad's -it's about 200 miles- we ate pizzas before quickly and I mean LICKETY SPLIT jumping in their shangri-la pool

Robert said, "Hey who is that bald guy?"

Against her will Truffles got to "swim"

Here is mom "swimming" please note she NEVER lets her hair get wet. I have pictures of me as a kid at Indian Springs Pool outside of American Falls ID- her hair is never wet- for that matter, her sisters and mother all swam without getting their hair wet- It must be in their pioneer DNA.

Here I am hangin' in Heff's Grotto- and little Joely safe in her life jacket

Swimming is Miss E- Mom and Dads little Doberman Pinscher- she's a sweet dog but she's under the impression she's the size of a rat terrier-when in fact she out weighs mom and can stand taller than her. She loves to be thrown in the pool. Truffles looks on in amazement.

The only thing better than Grandma's pool is her never ending supply of ice cream treats. They help keep you cool while drying off ! Thanks Grandma.

As a kid, I don't recall going to many fireworks displays (one in 1979 when I was a special guest thanks to my award winning American Legion Essay-another post) but mostly we stayed home because nothing could compare with what my dad the original pyrotechnic man could put on. I remember going to the indian reservations to get the good stuff. The shows were AWESOME- this year was no exception. Uncle Brian and Dad had it all, except no Roman Candles or bottle Rockets- due to the burn band and winds.

He had a ton that went way up high in the sky, they just dont' photograph well. And of course Sparklers! After working in the ER I've never let the kids play with sparklers, but Grandma had them, they actually look a lot safer than I remember and nobody got burned. I'm sure sparklers will be requested from now on. David was real interested in the fire- I'm sure one day he'll take Uncle Brian's spot and do the lighting.

We had a great time and when we came home we only had 1/2 the amount of kids with us- another bonus! David and Alice are staying this week and Joely and Quentin will stay next week. Divide and Conquer.

Holy Coupons Batman