Tuesday, July 07, 2009


With the other kids gone this week, Quentin has really been pumped about doin' some serious cookin. When we came home on Sunday he got out his cookbooks and planned a menu for the week. Last night he made Rachel Ray's "Steak Night, Table for four" from her 2-4-6-8 cookbook.

It was delish- to quote ms. ray.

The steaks were seasoned with Kosher Salt, and ground Pepper. Then Quentin rubbed fresh Rosemary on them. After having dad Grill them (fire-bad) they were served with Fresh Arugula and Tomatoes on top- the Arugula and Tomoatoes were dressed in EVOO (you know Rachel) and lemon juice and seasoned with some red pepper flakes.

It was a great combo to dig into the juicy meaty goodness and also have a sweetish refreshing fresh from the garden taste.

The sides were baked asparagus and roasted potatoes.

He made the batter for Molten Lava Cakes, but we were so very very stuffed, he's going to make the cakes tonight to enjoy after our Roasted Chicken and baked Mac n Cheese.

It's fun to spend time with him in the Kitchen and he's got a real knack for it. He's like his dad!

Who by the way made me this on Sunday Night.

We had traveled so far and wide to get back home on Sunday that nobody wanted to leave, we figured we'd do a clean the fridge night.
He grilled some yummy sausage for sausage sandwiches, but for me he sauteeed some roma tomatoes and bell peppers from our garden with some onions in (of course) EVOO and then added the Feta Cheese at the end.
It was a great treat!
Thanks Roberto!


Jan said...

Gotta love that -- a hubby who likes to cook (and cooks yummy stuff!) -- and a son too! Awesome!

Heather said...

Ok where do I begin? I still want Quentin to come live with us.I am so jealous of all the fabulous cooking that goes on. We, on the other hand continue to just eat Easy Mac from time to time. I wish I could have seen the fireworks show from the previous post as well. Your parent's pool looks amazing. I will just live my social/entertaining life through you! Love the new picture of the kids. . . that is my kind of meal!

Adrienne said...

I'm jealous!

Yennigirl said...

It looks like you guys have had a great time lately! It also looks like Quentin has graduated from "budding" chef to actual chef! I'm very impressed! We had fun with him at the beach.

Arcalee Gautier said...

GO Quentin! His wife is going to love him!

4Girls4Me said...

Wow, a husband that cooks??? I've heard of them, but didn't know that they actually existed... You are a lucky girl! And how awesome that Quentin loves it too - he'll be quite the catch! I've got a housefull of girls, maybe can you send him my way in about 10 years? :)

Nay's Mom said...

I need Quentin too....my dinners usually consist of cereal!

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