Friday, August 22, 2008

Do you remember what you did August 16th????

You, like most of the world, and myself probably watched Michael Phelps make history with his 8th gold medal. It was fun to watch, I mean what's not to love about him? He's adorable and he loves his mama!

Well I'll always remember August 16th for another reason.... It was milestone day for David. We had participated in a LOOPAPALOOZA, sponsored by pack 901. It was an all day event where the scouts could earn six belt loops. The Last event for David's group was bike riding. He had been practicing all summer to ride his bike and it's not gone well. For a funny mental note, picture me running behind him.. Anyhoo, Mr. John Lasseigne was there and within 20 minutes he had David riding a bike.
I can't even describe how happy David was/is. His new passion is bike riding. So in my little fantasy world I began my little interview with Bob Costas that will play in 8 years when David brings home the gold for long distance biking. When Bob asks me, "Mom when did you know David would be an olympian?" I'll say, "Well Bob, you may remember August 16th, 2008 as the day that Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals (flash in a picture of his winning relay and him mouthing the words "THAT'S GOLD!!!") well that was the day David learned to ride a bike. His Passion grew from that day. We'll always be greatful To a True American Hero, John Lasseigne of the National Guard, for taking the time to teach us his now patented method of bike riding"

Some people think I'm delusional, The voices in my head say I'm just creative and that most people are out to get me.
Anyway this wasn't about me, was it???- YEAH David!
The next Night Quentin was determined and he is now an official bike rider too. Of course miss ME TOO ME TOO Alice wanted to learn, but we didn't have a bike small enough for her, I told her for her birthday we'll get her a pink bike with streamers.
My camera died before I could get evidence of Quentin riding, this is evidence of him falling. The whole parking lot is clear and yet he manages to hit the Van. He's all bruised and scraped but he's happy. I'll end with the immortal words of Keanu Reeves from the Classic movie, The Replacements,
"Pain heals, chicks dig scars. Glory .....lasts forever"
Congratulations David and Quentin!

Love Languages revisited

Now that's LOVE!!!
You'll remember that Robert said that all his love language needed was clean socks everyday... Well His drawer runneth over with love. No more searching through the clean laundry basket looking for a match. He's had over a week of the kind of love that only comes from a full sock drawer!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I never want to have strep again!

I have had sore throats before, but never strep!!! Strep was horrible and put me out of commision for about 5 days. When I went to the doctor, I thought for sure it was tonsilitis and they'd schedule an emergency surgery to remove them, instead they just gave me pennicilin, it was kind of anticlimatic. I'm fine now, but now the kids are complaining of sore throats, so I'm hoping the doctor will just call in the penicilin so they won't have to miss the first day of school and I won't have to schlep all of them to the Humble Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. Something funny, the pencilin only cost me sixy cents! How funny is that?

But I digress...

Some Birthday Love from Gala Bohanon- YUMMO Cinnamon Rolls-

Since my last entry, I turned 38, like the faux tonsilitus, it was anticlimatic. I did get some fun gifts, I wanted the Mormon Doctrine Book of my parents, but they were not willing to part with their copy, so they got me my own, I've already dog eared some parts. David and Quentin were at mom and dad's and the girls were here with me and Robert. We went out to eat at on the Border and afterwards, being the scout geek that I am, I attended "roundtable" and learned how to be a first class scout leader.. We watched a really good old movie earlier in the week, (again it was nice to just have 1/2 of the kids around, and part of the time Alice was with Rob's parents) it was edited on cable (thank heavens) but it is called "Suicide kings" it was a good suspense whodunnit type thing with one of the scariest actors of all time,

Christopher Walken--

Then On Saturday Adrienne Yancey and her kids came to visit and well we let the good times roll (until on Monday when I came down with the vile and horrible strep- you may have already heard) Saturday night we went to the Movie Tavern (if you havn't been there go to one, you order food during your show, IT'S AWESOME) and saw Mama Mia.
It was such a fun movie, in fact I beleive that if everyone in the world went to see it, then there would be peace on earth. You need to look past the underlying theme of the movie and just let the Love of Abba infuse your soul! Meryl Streep has some serious pipes. Pierce Brosnan (bless his heart) sounded kind of bad, and then when he ripped of his shirt and showcased his hairy stomach and flab, I nearly vomited, but other than that moment, it was awesome. Quentin wants to see it as does Alice, but It's innappropriate, however Adrienne and My mother-in-law both said, "it's like Grease" -- which I watched about 100 times before I was 15 and Realized most of the songs were WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE-- Anyhoo, I totally want to see Mama Mia again and can't wait to have my own DVD of it and play it over and over and over and over again. That will make Robert happy, doncha think?


It was such fun to see Adrienne and her kids. Adrienne and I met YEARS ago when Robert and I lived in Spring Branch. We were in the same ward at church. Initially Adrienne was irritated by me because Quentin and her son Colby were born a few days apart, and Colby was a big baby, but Quentin was bigger,(ten pound 14 ounces and 22 inches long- thank you very much- all pushed our naturally with the help of pharmacueticals) so when they announced it at church, Quentin got top billing and Adrienne didn't get the props she deserved. I'm so glad she got over it!!! She now lives Black Foot, Idaho -- The potato capitol of the world-- And although having more potatoes per capita than anyplace on earth is a big deal, it's hardly worthy of someone like Adrienne who cut her teeth on the Mean Streets of Salt Lake City, UT and then Denver Colorado before coming to the Real Promised Land of Houston, TX. So since I already mentioned that I had strep, I won't mention it again-- but Adrienne and her kids had fun galavanting around the Metro Area without the help of the Mullens, we were able to provide suitable lodging though and a place to park the rental. Adrienne is a good sport so I knew she was having fun. Colby had fun too, but I suspect he would have rather just continued playing Halo 3 or Super Mario Smash brawl (or whatever it was called)

I only got one picture of them, and it's not really them, but just the baby Jolie and our oldest, Sammi. You'll have to take my word for it that Adrienne (1/2 marathon runner) looks fabulous, and that Colby is handsome as ever. As you can see Jolie is a cutie patootie, plus she has an adorbale name, even if her mom spelled it wrong.

Jolie Yancey Making Nice with Sammi Jo
Jolie was kind and shared her cookies and any food with Sammi, Sammi tolerates all babies after about six months, when they become a movable feast. We were sad when the Yancey's bade us farewell, but we know they'll be back. Thank heavens for unlimited long distance minutes, it feels like Adrienne never moved away. Does anyone out there remember when you had to pay for every long distance minute??? Crazy times, Crazy times..

Holy Coupons Batman