Friday, August 22, 2008

Do you remember what you did August 16th????

You, like most of the world, and myself probably watched Michael Phelps make history with his 8th gold medal. It was fun to watch, I mean what's not to love about him? He's adorable and he loves his mama!

Well I'll always remember August 16th for another reason.... It was milestone day for David. We had participated in a LOOPAPALOOZA, sponsored by pack 901. It was an all day event where the scouts could earn six belt loops. The Last event for David's group was bike riding. He had been practicing all summer to ride his bike and it's not gone well. For a funny mental note, picture me running behind him.. Anyhoo, Mr. John Lasseigne was there and within 20 minutes he had David riding a bike.
I can't even describe how happy David was/is. His new passion is bike riding. So in my little fantasy world I began my little interview with Bob Costas that will play in 8 years when David brings home the gold for long distance biking. When Bob asks me, "Mom when did you know David would be an olympian?" I'll say, "Well Bob, you may remember August 16th, 2008 as the day that Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals (flash in a picture of his winning relay and him mouthing the words "THAT'S GOLD!!!") well that was the day David learned to ride a bike. His Passion grew from that day. We'll always be greatful To a True American Hero, John Lasseigne of the National Guard, for taking the time to teach us his now patented method of bike riding"

Some people think I'm delusional, The voices in my head say I'm just creative and that most people are out to get me.
Anyway this wasn't about me, was it???- YEAH David!
The next Night Quentin was determined and he is now an official bike rider too. Of course miss ME TOO ME TOO Alice wanted to learn, but we didn't have a bike small enough for her, I told her for her birthday we'll get her a pink bike with streamers.
My camera died before I could get evidence of Quentin riding, this is evidence of him falling. The whole parking lot is clear and yet he manages to hit the Van. He's all bruised and scraped but he's happy. I'll end with the immortal words of Keanu Reeves from the Classic movie, The Replacements,
"Pain heals, chicks dig scars. Glory .....lasts forever"
Congratulations David and Quentin!


Yennigirl said...

Goodness! You have been blogging up a storm! I thought I checked it yesterday morning! I love the quote and that the boys are now certified bike riders. "Phelps" is amazing and I am SO glad you're over strep. After having it once I said I wouldn't wish that on my enemies it's so bad!

Kristy said...

You make me laugh. Congratulations, boys for learning to ride your bikes. That is sooo cool:)

4Girls4Me said...

Oh my gosh - you crack me up!! Who doesn't love Michael Phelps?? He was SO fun to watch!! THAT'S GOLD! He's the best! Congrats to David & Quentin for mastering the two-wheeler!! :)

Allie said...

Michael looks like he is wearing some sort of exotic harem girl top. Doncha think?

Kareena Mullens said...

Michael Phelps does look odd, like he's naked except for the medals. Surley SI could have found a better picture????

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