Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am finally able to talk about it

David, my firstborn, is turning 12 this week
Seriously where has the time gone?
So last week, he had one of his many firsts-
He went on a scout trip WITHOUT ME OR ROBERT.
Granted he was with people I love, trust and adore.
And he's stayed overnight with friends and relatives numerous times-
I was his first den "mother" --now they are called Leaders, but I still referred to myself as his Den Mother.
His little den was adorable and his den grew and grew and now he is a boy scout with 5 other friends and they all went to a weekend trip to celebrate the scouting centenial.
They camped with about 20 thousand scouts at Texas World Speedway, just south of College Station.
I was excited for him to go, but when it came down to it, I was sad.
So I did the responsible thing.
I took him out of school at ten thirty that Friday, so he wouldn't be counted absent-
and we ran a couple of errands and had a lovely lunch at El Toro in Baytown.
He is very funny and had me in stitches the whole time, except when I was tearing up and then he would laugh at me.
I bought him Chick Fil A to take for his dinner and sent him on his way.
He had a great time.
I was blue most of the weekend.
I think I made myself sick.
I think about how now he will be doing more things without me, than with me and it makes me want to go back to when he was my only little baby and just hold him more and squeeze him more.
But I can't.
So I hope that he has enough hugs in reserve and that I've taught him well and he'll make good choices and -most importantly that he'll always need hugs from his mama.

Not necessarily a Good Witch....

So this Halloween the Family will head down the Yellow Brick Road.

You may be wondering how Robert agreed to be a part of this- and I do to, but here is my speculation-- I think he only agreed because he will do anything to make Alice happy- and he still remembers when we were dating and listening to Dark Side of the Moon while watching The Wizard of OZ, and well it was wicked awesome, and no - there were not any hallucinogens involved. And then there is the "Let Love Rule" mantra that he has adopted as a true follower of Lenny Kravitz.

The boys have aquiesced because they have learned it is much better to go along with Alice (within reason) than feel the wrath of Alice. Also they are (almost 11 and 12) and well a bit too old to trick or treat, but if you are going with your baby sisters then you can squeeze several more years out--so BONUS

Alice wants to be the "star"so she chose Dorothy and quickly handed out the lesser parts to the rest of us.

I will be the wicked witch of the west, I was BORN to play the part. Plus I have more or less been her every year for Halloween, except for last year when I was Lizzie Borden, but basically it was the same costume, just not a green face and instead of a broom it was a bloody axe, but I digress.

Robert will be the scarecrow, coming full circle from when we were just about engaged and the last time he dressed up.(15 Halloweens ago)

David will be the Tin Man and like he says, "at least I can carry a weapon"

Quentin will be the Cowardly Lion, he's been practicing his signature line, "Put 'em up, Put 'em up"

Joely as pictured SHOULD be Glinda the Good witch -which would complete the theme- but she refuses, she wants to be a princess. So I steered her toward a pink princess costume and blonde wig and she looks like the Good Witch but she is the lesser known Princess Annaliese.

When we are all dressed up, I'll post more.

For now I'm happy to report that I have a free thinking little -not-quite-four-year-old that will do her own thing regardless of the peer pressure.

And for Joely if it irritates her Big Sister, that just may be the Bonus-

Holy Coupons Batman