Monday, July 13, 2009

This is DQ Country

Here we are celebrating family night-minus one- since Quentin is in Austin.
We originally were going to get snow cones, but they close at 7:00 so DQ was put on order.
We had a lot to celebrate-
Quentin was chosen to particpate in a Texans Field Training Night at Reliant Stadium.
He gets to go next Tuesday with Robert.
He'll do drills and run plays with Texans and Coaches.
Take pictures with Cheerleaders (he said "Dad'll like that")
and eat dinner there-
It was a cub scout contest- He's so lucky!

We miss him, but he's in good hands, he's going out to eat, seeing movies, swimming, staying up late and sleeping in-

David's glasses broke and his back up glasses are MIA- so he's going without them for a few days- he says he looks like a girl- silly boy!

We are still waiting to hear from Uncle Bo....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going for Glory

We finally gave in and let Quentin play football. He had tryouts on Saturday. For the low price of 160.00 he'll get fun and a uniform- we still supply helmet, pads, practice gear etc. Oh and also a fundraiser- anyone want to buy some tupperware or braided bread, let me know! I'll be sure to ask the youth football league to account for expenses. He's real pumped up and did well at tryouts, he made every catch and was spot on with a good spiral on his passes. He needs to work on his dashing, but other than that he did real well- Here are some pictures-

Uncle Bo-if you are reading, we are still waiting to go swimming!
Oh and David UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES wanted signed up- so dont' feel bad for him!

Joely was cute but very HOT- the tryouts were at one (who was the scheduling genius???)

Robert went and met mom and dad in Brenham after the tryouts and got Alice and David and dropped off Quentin. Originally Joely was going to go, but Robert and I chickened out, we just couldn't let the baby be gone a whole week!

So..Quentin is spending a week at my mom and dad's house living the good life all by himself. I'm sure as a member of a four child home, it's good to be an only child now and again. Thanks mom and dad for taking the kiddos!

If mama's cryin'-them's good onions!

This time Quentin and I made Onion Rings and BBQ baked Chicken wings-
So you cut the onions the desired thickness and let them soak in buttermilk for at least 5 minutes.

That is not alfredo sauce, it's just buttermilk-

Then you cover them with a mixture of 2 cups corn meal, 2 cups flour , generous ammount of kosher salt, pepper and o'course TONY's

We love Tony's Blends. They are all good, but we stick with the original. After they are good and coated, drop them in hot grease (I had it just above medium on the stove) and cook for about two minutes until golden brown. Quentin helped with all of it.

The Chicken Wings were baked in Stubbs BBQ Sauce, you can use whatever you like, the trick is to bake the wings until nearly done, then add the BBQ sauce and then Broil for 5-10 minutes to get them crispy-licious.

They were messy and good. In fact too messy to take pictures- our fingers were super dirty!

Definatly finger lickin' good.

Holy Coupons Batman