Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jesus Wants Joely for a Sunbeam

In our church when you turn three you start going to primary. Primary is what other churches call Junior Sunday School, childrens church etc. The first year you are there you are called a sunbeam, and Joely well she's our little sunbeam.

She loves to sing the songs, and the above video is a medly of her favorite ones. She has been singing the sunbeam song nearly non stop since she started primary. She also loves Popcorn Popping, Do as I'm doing and Head Shoulders Knees and toes, (knees and toes). Another favorite is the Hello Song, but she just learned it last week and isnt' ready to perform it.

Joely's teacher is Sister Duncan and the other little one in her class is Keegan, you may remember him from previous posts.

Another favorite thing for her are marshmallows, as you can see in the video, she interchanged marshmallow and sunbeam.
She's a cutie patootie

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Fun Fun Fun

Valentines Day began on the 12th with a party hosted by

Joely and her BFF Keegan.

It was a fun party. The kids decorated lunch bags with hearts and glue.

They colored some valentine pages and made "love visors"

They decorated cupcakes and played Bingo.

And there was candy and chips.

Before they left they handed out Valentines to each other.

It was adorable.
The moms had fun too, we had a yummy lunch of Chicken Salad and Broccoli Cheese Soup.

There wer 6 little party revelers.

On Friday David came home early (no parties for 5th grade) and watched Joley so I could go to Quentin's party. I had my cameras with me, but was swamped with workin' the party that I forgot to take pictures. Next time I'll have Quentin take pictures and film.

His teacher (Mrs. Brightwell) was wonderful. She had root beer floats and sundaes for the kids. What I liked best is she had me scooping ice cream, and another mom doing toppings and she gave each student individual attention when they came to make their choices. You can tell she really cares about her students and she has a great deal of patience.

I am so glad Quentin is in her class, her partner (the english teacher- Ms. Hammond) is great too. Quentin always comes home with great stories and her games for spelling and vocab. He really enjoys school and does well.

For Valentines Day they made "simple machines" to collect their valentines. Quentin made the "reel love machine" with a fishing reel, pully system and hinges, also an inclined plane, his simple machine turned out a little complex. All the projects were adorable. I was impressed with the creativity and talent.

On Saturday we had our annual Blue and Gold Banquet and this year we celebrated 100 years of scouting. It was a great dinner, my friend John Catered the event and it was awesome BBQ. We also were entertained by skits and jokes.
Good Times.

Sunday I was greeted with roses and chocolates- who could ask for more?

I took the kids to see the Lightening Thief last night. I'm not sure which book this was based on, because it wasn't based much on the 5 Percy Jackson books I read. I hope Rick Riordan is so disgusted he won't let them make anymore. Some of my favorite characters were absent and they added junk that did not need to be added. In addition to that - we were able to see the Gods in their true form and we all know as mortals we would be obliterated if that was true.

Very dissapointed Hollywood.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And as it is written, so shall it be done....

I can't get Charlton Heston out of my head, so I used his words as my title. My BFF Allie wrote and asked me to update, and as she writes I do her bidding- I have posted several posts tonight, scroll down and read them all for your enjoyment and my validation.

I can't get another quote from

the Old Testament-(the movie - not the book) out of my head.

"Your eyes are as beautiful as they keen"

This is what Jacob Allegedly said to Rachel, when they met. Before he was tricked into marrying her sister and then had to wait 14 years to marry her.

I really like Hollywood's version, the script is much more fun to listen to than Genesis.

But I digress.

I am writing tonight about a beauty we have in our house, Miss Alice Anne.

On thursday night she informed me of the sweetheart dance in gym class. She wanted a new dress, it needed to be beautiful and black and twirl and fabulous.

Since we don't indulge her nearly enought, we stopped at palais royal, which is in town, but I hardly ever go there, it's so expensive, but when they have sales or clearance, it's a good place.

So we went, naturally the first dress she saw was sixty bucks.

I explained how there was no way in a manger we would pay that.

Then we found a gorgous one on clearance that fit the bill.

I beleive she looked amazing-

What do you think?
You'll notice her foot cocked a little and a look of indifference, you can't teach that- it's a natural talent. And please notice the locket, it "helps me to feel warm inside"
She's so filled with confidence, I just love that she's aware of all her talents and intelligence.
I am so glad we have Alice Anne in our family!

Enjoying the balmy 40 degree weather

So we had a bright idea on the 31st of January, let's go for a day trip to the Brazos Bend State Park.

Typically it's not freezing weather, but it sure was cold in January.
Earlier in the week though it was nice and warm, like Spring for SE Texas, and Summer for like Blackfoot, Idaho.

We made our plans, we had our family meeting, we were ready to go.
Like any trip, I planned the meals.
We had watched a show on Diners Drive Ins and Dives about "Bob's Tacos and Snowballs" and it's just outside of Richmond, which is "on the way" if you detour about 15 miles or so to get to Brazos Bend state Park. And my mouth was still watering, so off we went.
I figured, It's a hole in the wall, how busy can it be....

Well Apparently everyone who watched the episode thought the same thing.

Here we are waiting outside to get in, to wait inside to be seated. We waited about an hour to get seated and then another 30 minutes or so for the food.
Normally I would have given up, but then where is the story in that.

Just look at the love Robert has in his eyes, he LOVES me to take random shots that will go on the blog. He's soooo supportive.

This is a cute girl who took our names and gave us menus. She wasn't shown on the episode, but she said it's made things sooo crazy. Normally the resteraunt closes at two, but they've been staying open passed four just to get people in the doors.

The food was good, but here is my complaint, when you think "Dive" you think cheap food, well here is a picture of the bill, for 5 people, because Joely just ate from everyone, and they included gratuity, which just bugs me.

Ok I'm getting a little bit irritated, I can't move my pictures around like I like to, and I don't know why- So if for some strange reason you are still reading this, here is a collage, press play and it will be a slide show.

Why you may ask are there pictures of feet? Surely she clicked the camera on accident. No, there was an incident with feet kicking between Quentin and Alice, each blamed the other, I took some shots to prove who it was. Not to be outdone, Joely and her "sparkle" shoes needed a picture.

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What next? Oh Yeah Family Fun Day

Ok so what do you get when you smart off to dad?
A family "fun" day.
Complete with menial tasks like cleaning out the gutters.
Pictured Below Quentin and David with happy hearts.

Joely always gets in on the action, she's the quintessential "me too"

Everyone joined in the waxing and cleaning of the Saturn (bless it's little 13 year old heart) and the Oddyssey, only three more payments...

And the taskmaster himself, Mr. Wonderful.

Actually it was a real fun day before we were hit with yet another Arctic Blast.

To quote my favorite NFL player Chad Ochocinco,
"Child Please" about the global warming. I'm just not "feeling" it. It's time to Kiss the Baby on that one.

If you are not a fan of Chad Ochocinco, you should be. His type is what keeps the NFL a game and not some political machine.

I'm just sayin'

Mom's visit

Last month mom came to stay with us for a few days. As you can see Joely was in Heaven. It was all about her and "my grandma"
All of us love the visits, but I really think, right now, Joely is getting the most out of them.
After all she's there all day.
And the kids do have things in the evenings, and then they have to go to bed early
to get to school the next day, but not Joely.
For instance one night David had some friends over before going to Cub Scouts. I was busy getting them their dinner ready so they could eat first and we could go.
I casually mentioned to Robert, "I'm getting these plates ready for the boys."
And Joely pops up from grandma's lap and says,
"What about me and my grandma?"
She made sure grandma got fed and took her shots and pills.
She made sure grandma read her books.
She also made sure grandma knew the family's pecking order
1. Joely
2. Everyone else
The funniest thing about mom's visits is that I become invisible.
Usually Joely wants to be where I am at or go wherever I go, but with Grandma she quickly says, "Bye mama" or just completly ignores me.
Grandma sleeps on the Day bed, which is where Joely is supposed to sleep, but she has called it Grandma's bed, and when she decides she'll sleep there it's never "my bed" it's always the Grandma's bed.
Pictured Below is mom sitting in the back seat of the van. Of course she'll sit there with Joely instead of riding shotgun with me. (refer to the pecking order if you are confused)
It's time for Grandma to come visit again.
The plan was to go visit her house this passed weekend, but cub scouts had their blue and gold dinner and Uncle Brian got real sick too, so now I'm not sure what weekend we can get away because Alice starts Softball practice this week, and they have practices on Saturdays.
We'll have to get Grandma again for Joely to play with.
Good Times!

Holy Coupons Batman