Sunday, February 14, 2010

Enjoying the balmy 40 degree weather

So we had a bright idea on the 31st of January, let's go for a day trip to the Brazos Bend State Park.

Typically it's not freezing weather, but it sure was cold in January.
Earlier in the week though it was nice and warm, like Spring for SE Texas, and Summer for like Blackfoot, Idaho.

We made our plans, we had our family meeting, we were ready to go.
Like any trip, I planned the meals.
We had watched a show on Diners Drive Ins and Dives about "Bob's Tacos and Snowballs" and it's just outside of Richmond, which is "on the way" if you detour about 15 miles or so to get to Brazos Bend state Park. And my mouth was still watering, so off we went.
I figured, It's a hole in the wall, how busy can it be....

Well Apparently everyone who watched the episode thought the same thing.

Here we are waiting outside to get in, to wait inside to be seated. We waited about an hour to get seated and then another 30 minutes or so for the food.
Normally I would have given up, but then where is the story in that.

Just look at the love Robert has in his eyes, he LOVES me to take random shots that will go on the blog. He's soooo supportive.

This is a cute girl who took our names and gave us menus. She wasn't shown on the episode, but she said it's made things sooo crazy. Normally the resteraunt closes at two, but they've been staying open passed four just to get people in the doors.

The food was good, but here is my complaint, when you think "Dive" you think cheap food, well here is a picture of the bill, for 5 people, because Joely just ate from everyone, and they included gratuity, which just bugs me.

Ok I'm getting a little bit irritated, I can't move my pictures around like I like to, and I don't know why- So if for some strange reason you are still reading this, here is a collage, press play and it will be a slide show.

Why you may ask are there pictures of feet? Surely she clicked the camera on accident. No, there was an incident with feet kicking between Quentin and Alice, each blamed the other, I took some shots to prove who it was. Not to be outdone, Joely and her "sparkle" shoes needed a picture.

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Arcalee said...

Bob's is so close to home and I have not tried it yet.
I just could not watch the snake video. That's how much I dislike them. Seems like you guys had a great time at Big Bend.

Scrapbookallie said...

Sorry you spent your life's savings at the Taco better have been yummo!

Holy Coupons Batman