Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mom's visit

Last month mom came to stay with us for a few days. As you can see Joely was in Heaven. It was all about her and "my grandma"
All of us love the visits, but I really think, right now, Joely is getting the most out of them.
After all she's there all day.
And the kids do have things in the evenings, and then they have to go to bed early
to get to school the next day, but not Joely.
For instance one night David had some friends over before going to Cub Scouts. I was busy getting them their dinner ready so they could eat first and we could go.
I casually mentioned to Robert, "I'm getting these plates ready for the boys."
And Joely pops up from grandma's lap and says,
"What about me and my grandma?"
She made sure grandma got fed and took her shots and pills.
She made sure grandma read her books.
She also made sure grandma knew the family's pecking order
1. Joely
2. Everyone else
The funniest thing about mom's visits is that I become invisible.
Usually Joely wants to be where I am at or go wherever I go, but with Grandma she quickly says, "Bye mama" or just completly ignores me.
Grandma sleeps on the Day bed, which is where Joely is supposed to sleep, but she has called it Grandma's bed, and when she decides she'll sleep there it's never "my bed" it's always the Grandma's bed.
Pictured Below is mom sitting in the back seat of the van. Of course she'll sit there with Joely instead of riding shotgun with me. (refer to the pecking order if you are confused)
It's time for Grandma to come visit again.
The plan was to go visit her house this passed weekend, but cub scouts had their blue and gold dinner and Uncle Brian got real sick too, so now I'm not sure what weekend we can get away because Alice starts Softball practice this week, and they have practices on Saturdays.
We'll have to get Grandma again for Joely to play with.
Good Times!


Jan said...

I love the 'Grandma pecking order'. And it was so fun to see your mom -- she looks just the same to me!!

Joely has her priorities in the right order. ha!

Scrapbookallie said...

yeah Grandmas are the best!

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