Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Fun Fun Fun

Valentines Day began on the 12th with a party hosted by

Joely and her BFF Keegan.

It was a fun party. The kids decorated lunch bags with hearts and glue.

They colored some valentine pages and made "love visors"

They decorated cupcakes and played Bingo.

And there was candy and chips.

Before they left they handed out Valentines to each other.

It was adorable.
The moms had fun too, we had a yummy lunch of Chicken Salad and Broccoli Cheese Soup.

There wer 6 little party revelers.

On Friday David came home early (no parties for 5th grade) and watched Joley so I could go to Quentin's party. I had my cameras with me, but was swamped with workin' the party that I forgot to take pictures. Next time I'll have Quentin take pictures and film.

His teacher (Mrs. Brightwell) was wonderful. She had root beer floats and sundaes for the kids. What I liked best is she had me scooping ice cream, and another mom doing toppings and she gave each student individual attention when they came to make their choices. You can tell she really cares about her students and she has a great deal of patience.

I am so glad Quentin is in her class, her partner (the english teacher- Ms. Hammond) is great too. Quentin always comes home with great stories and her games for spelling and vocab. He really enjoys school and does well.

For Valentines Day they made "simple machines" to collect their valentines. Quentin made the "reel love machine" with a fishing reel, pully system and hinges, also an inclined plane, his simple machine turned out a little complex. All the projects were adorable. I was impressed with the creativity and talent.

On Saturday we had our annual Blue and Gold Banquet and this year we celebrated 100 years of scouting. It was a great dinner, my friend John Catered the event and it was awesome BBQ. We also were entertained by skits and jokes.
Good Times.

Sunday I was greeted with roses and chocolates- who could ask for more?

I took the kids to see the Lightening Thief last night. I'm not sure which book this was based on, because it wasn't based much on the 5 Percy Jackson books I read. I hope Rick Riordan is so disgusted he won't let them make anymore. Some of my favorite characters were absent and they added junk that did not need to be added. In addition to that - we were able to see the Gods in their true form and we all know as mortals we would be obliterated if that was true.

Very dissapointed Hollywood.


Arcalee said...

Looks like the girls had a wonderful time.

Scrapbookallie said...

cute party.....my niece is darling...isn't she?

SweetmamaK said...

yes your niece is darling! lol

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