Sunday, February 14, 2010

What next? Oh Yeah Family Fun Day

Ok so what do you get when you smart off to dad?
A family "fun" day.
Complete with menial tasks like cleaning out the gutters.
Pictured Below Quentin and David with happy hearts.

Joely always gets in on the action, she's the quintessential "me too"

Everyone joined in the waxing and cleaning of the Saturn (bless it's little 13 year old heart) and the Oddyssey, only three more payments...

And the taskmaster himself, Mr. Wonderful.

Actually it was a real fun day before we were hit with yet another Arctic Blast.

To quote my favorite NFL player Chad Ochocinco,
"Child Please" about the global warming. I'm just not "feeling" it. It's time to Kiss the Baby on that one.

If you are not a fan of Chad Ochocinco, you should be. His type is what keeps the NFL a game and not some political machine.

I'm just sayin'


Scrapbookallie said...

Wow, does it teach the boys to not smart off? I haven't found anything that really works yet!

Becky said...

Chad Ochocinco -- I wish more wide receivers were like him. He's an attention hound without being a prima donna. All the fun without the drama. And apparently he can dance! Go Chad!

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