Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Five LOVE Languages

I'm in a new book club with my compadres here in Crosby. My friend Megan chose this book for us to read. To simplify it, this author beleives there are 5 ways to show love for your spouse and so he has a test you take to determine which way you need love shown to you. It was funny to do the test with each other. The book club starts late (about nine) and Robert was already hiding in the bedroom to miss the "hen party." I had to go in and make a copy of the test and when I told him what I was doing he said, "Oh what grade are you in?" Sadly one of the 5 love languages is not SARCASM, because if it were, we'd both be on the same page.
Ok so after we take the test I was flipping through the book to see what the suggestions were for the different "love" languages. Here is one, and after reading it, I thought and then said outloud, "There is a good chance this author is full of crap"
So here is a suggestion for quality time love language
"Call your spouse on the phone and invite your spouse to lunch. Pack a picnic and go to a cemetary, spread out your tablecloth and eat your sandwiches and talk about how great it is to be alive"
I mean really!!!! So this morning at 5 am when robert was dressing for work I suggested that we do this to show our "Love Language" and he said, "How about you just have clean socks in my drawer and call it good!"
I don't think I'll be eating over any dead people anytime soon!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Adios Eduardo!

Tropical Storm Eduardo hit with little luster this morning at about six am. Fortunatly we just got some rain and a few gusts of wind, but nothing scary or dangerous. The good news is that Robert's plant closed today so we had a fun day with him and I was able to finish reading Breaking Dawn. I watched two movies last night, the Bratz cartoon movie with Alice, it was cute and Beowulf with Robert. Beowulf was wildly inappropriate and well just plain lame. It's been awhile since I read the classic tale but I don't remember all the bad language and "intimate" scenes.

I had a hard time sleeping because I was all keyed up with the storm. Ever since Katrina hit and I was worried about my friend Danielle and her parents, I've been a nervous nelly during the storms. Before Katrina touched down, I was able to talk to Danielle for a couple of minutes and they were finishing up boarding their houses and were going to Atlanta, but her parents had refused to leave. So until I was able to get in contact with her by phone a few days later I was glued to the tv, looking to see if some of the rescued people were her parents. Happily all was well and they survived with little damage. It's been what three years almost since then, and I'm still keyed up.

I was happy though to have Sudoku to play last night and Breaking Dawn so I wasn't as nervous as usual. Apparently the storm hit our area around six am, but I fell asleep around five.
I'm happy to report that I cleaned out, well clean is a loose interpretation of the word-- the garage so we had both cars inside during the storm. It's not real functional because in order to get into the Saturn you can only go in like Bo and Luke Duke---ya know, "general lee" style. So I don't anticipate both cars staying inside because Robert "BO" Mullens won't be going in through the window before his mornign commute, and to be honest, it's been a long time since anyone confused me with Daisy Duke!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Buenas Dias Eduardo

Crisis Mode at the Crosby Wal-mart
The only water left is Perrier. Did you all hear there is a Hurricane/Tropical Storm in the Gulf? Robert saw something last night when we were checking the Live Doppler Radar and it's supposed to hit land at about one am tomorrow. So we headed to Wal-mart for some supplies. The D batteries for two were marked 9.72, but before I could scream "price gouging" I checked one of those scanners and they were only 3.00 each. I bought 4 packages and then went to get the water. I really didn't hold out any hope that there would be water since Wal-mart in Crosby runs out of food every week, hurricane or not. So we went to Krogers and bought a couple of cases. We also have some coolers we'll fill with water and ice and fill up the bathtubs so we can still flush the toilets (a trick I learned in the Amazon rain forest) Hopefully it won't come to that. LAter this evening, I"m going to clear out the garage to make room for the cars, I don't want to lose our cars to flying debris! When we lived in Laredo a passing tornado blew out our car windows and it took about 8 weeks to get it fixed, of course that was on Laredo time and it was a different country!
Full Disclosure-I do realize it's lame to take a picture in Wal-mart-
My Predictions-It won't be that bad, we will have power the whole time and Robert will go to work.
If it is bad, Robert will STILL go to work.
Satiisfying My bloodlust

You may or may not know that I've been irrationally "ascared" of vampires since the Lost Boys came out (was that like 20 years ago????) I have a hard time inviting people into my home, because, ya never know, they MAY be vampires, and vampires HAVE to be invited in order to come into your home. Kind of a neat metaphor-- Evil has to be invited in- but my deep thoughts must wait, because I will be busy for the next couple of days reading the final installment in the Twilight Vampire Series. I promise Robert, not to begin reading the Jacob part until AFTER my house is clean! (now to find a cleaning service to come in today , this morning actually.....) I've read the Nora Roberts Vampire trilogy (Morrigan's cross is the first book) and I know a little bit better how to battle them, but I prefer to stay inside during the evenings now and have garlic strategically placed, I don't beleive in the Holy Water though... I digress

Anyhoo- to sum up my last week, we went to the zoo (pictures to follow) and then took Allie and Austin to the airport before heading off to Austin, Texas to spend some time with Mom and Dad. The boys are still there until this weekend when Adrienne Yancey and her son Colby and their little baby Jolie come to visit. When they leave we'll just have one week before school starts. Oh and Alice "faced her fears" and can now swim under water and jump in. She has been very brave in mom and dad's pool all summer, but not so much anywhere else, and she's never been able to put her face in the water "MOM I DON"T HAVE GILLS" but this last visit she just jumped in and figured out she can use her "blowhole" to blow water out, but like any dolphin she has to resurface to breathe. She took Robert to the community pool on Saturday to show him she could do it and then last night she went to another pool for the annual cub scout pool party and was able to jump off a diving board and go down the slide- Again pictures to follow and also I know this isn't real interesting to anyone that's not related to us, but it is (to quote my friend Hiedie)- a "bloggable activity"

Holy Coupons Batman