Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Five LOVE Languages

I'm in a new book club with my compadres here in Crosby. My friend Megan chose this book for us to read. To simplify it, this author beleives there are 5 ways to show love for your spouse and so he has a test you take to determine which way you need love shown to you. It was funny to do the test with each other. The book club starts late (about nine) and Robert was already hiding in the bedroom to miss the "hen party." I had to go in and make a copy of the test and when I told him what I was doing he said, "Oh what grade are you in?" Sadly one of the 5 love languages is not SARCASM, because if it were, we'd both be on the same page.
Ok so after we take the test I was flipping through the book to see what the suggestions were for the different "love" languages. Here is one, and after reading it, I thought and then said outloud, "There is a good chance this author is full of crap"
So here is a suggestion for quality time love language
"Call your spouse on the phone and invite your spouse to lunch. Pack a picnic and go to a cemetary, spread out your tablecloth and eat your sandwiches and talk about how great it is to be alive"
I mean really!!!! So this morning at 5 am when robert was dressing for work I suggested that we do this to show our "Love Language" and he said, "How about you just have clean socks in my drawer and call it good!"
I don't think I'll be eating over any dead people anytime soon!


4Girls4Me said...

Oh my gosh, I am still laughing out loud... You are too funny - and it sounds like Robert is too! My sister-in-law really liked this book, but I'm almost positive she & Eric did not picnic at the local cemetery... Sarcasm is NOT one of the 5 languages??? Well, that explains a lot...

geraldandmeganlove said...

LOL!! It always makes my day to read your blog! Question.... Are you to old that your birthday not a bloggable thing? Just thought I would tell you happy birthday, even if you don't mention it on your blog!

Kareena Mullens said...

Yes, I'm too old- 12 years ago, my friend Lucy had her first baby on my birthday, I stopped celebrating then and I've given all my birthdays to her!

4Girls4Me said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! You're never too old to make the most of your birthday! Are you an August Baby too? I hope you had a great day & got nice & spoiled - even if you didn't think it was a bloggable event! :)

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