Friday, August 28, 2009

"You're Doing it Wrong!"

Thursday, while waiting in the car-pool line at Barret Primary School, my battery died.
I couldn't help but remember...
"Mr. Mom"
Remember when he was dropping off the kids and they kept yelling,
"You're doing it wrong"
All those people having to drive around me- The humiliation- And I couldn't find my hazard lights!
I thought I was so smart to wait forever with my car off with the windows rolled down and the breeze from the myriad cars racing passed us.
But I forgot that my lights were on, there was a light in the back on (and who knows how long it had been left on) and the key was in the ignition.
It was 104 degrees.
Fortunately April Clinger was ahead of me in line.
I sent out the distress call and she came to my aid.
She picked up the kids and then came back to jump the car.
We both called our husbands.
Robert said, "red is negative, black is positive, start with negative to ground it."
Matt (her husband) said the opposite.
Apparently it doesn't matter, you just need to make sure whatever color you put on the negative in one car you do it to the other car- and the same goes with positive.
Mr. York, the principle came out to "save the day"-
We got the car going and what would have had me in tears had me giggling-
Thanks April!
I had my camera in the purse, but thought it innapropriate to keep the traffic at bay for any longer than necessary-

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Orange Drink? What were you thinking Tropicana?

David is a picky eater/drinker. And he really hates to eat in the morning. I can really only guarantee he'll "drink" his breakfast which is orange juice, (so I make sure to get the calcium fortified with Viatamin D) occasionally he'll eat something if I cook Bacon.
So this morning I baked biscuits, fried some bacon and began pouring his Orange juice.
It's caled Trop 50.
It looks like all the other Tropciana's on the market. But it tastes something fierce, and not fierce in a good project runway way-
I couldn't believe my eyes, when as I was pouring it said,
"1/2 the sugar of orange juice"
I was like "uh no way did I get an orange beverage or drink"
In this house is 100 per cent fruit Juice all the way.
Ironically, Robert and I watched a Dave Chapelle clip called Grape Drink (for mature audiences) just last Saturday night, it's on you tube.
We laughed and laughed, and now Tropicana is laughing all the way to the bank.
The price was a dollar less than the other brands, even the "store brand" so I thought
"woo hoo, I'm almost stealing this orange juice"
David said he thought it tasted "horrible." He was right, imagine diet tang, but thicker.

So it's Day three of School
Alice (first grade) loves it, but Mrs. Loggins doesn't want her talking during school. What's up with that?
Quentin explained that she should be listening and learning and not talking.
You can imagine how well Miss Oil took advice from Mr. Water.

Quentin (fourth grade) LOVES his teachers. They are creative and funny and he has some good friends in his class. His teachers and classmates have always been great. (well maybe not his first grade teacher- but she was going through a lot of personal problems)
He's very blessed, I'd say he lives a charmed life.

And Poor David (5th grade)

We have a rule about no video games during the week but David used his persuasion skills to allow us to let him get up early and then if he has time while he's waiting for his ride, he can play his DS. The deal is he has to get himself up, so he gets up with his alarm clock- Good Boy!

Well my post with my aprehension towards his teachers was dead on. His first day was horrible. The Homeroom teacher didn't give him back his school supplies, so his second teacher, language arts, gave him a strike for being unprepared. When he tried to tell her that the teacher had not given him his school supplies, she told him that was just an excuse.

I called the school the second day and he was moved immediatly.
He came home much happier.
I said, "why was today better?"
And he said, "Apparently you demanded I be moved."
"yeah, I did I told them you were a darling charming little boy and you deserved a highly qualified and CERTIFIED Math teacher and a language arts teacher that would engage your creativity."
"Whatever you said, fine, because things went a lot better" and then he went on and on about how cool his new science teacher was and how he could see one of his Best friends JT Whiffen now and they have PE Together etc. etc. etc.
And with that I was pleased for being the advocate for my child!
So a word to all Don't mess with SweetmamaK's little cubs, cuz she's one grouchy mama bear!

Oh and lets not forget Joely

She's sleeping late and watching cartoons. Yesterday she had breakfast in bed. It's good to be the only child. She does ask where everyone is when she gets up but she's not brooding over them.

Holy Coupons Batman