Friday, August 28, 2009

"You're Doing it Wrong!"

Thursday, while waiting in the car-pool line at Barret Primary School, my battery died.
I couldn't help but remember...
"Mr. Mom"
Remember when he was dropping off the kids and they kept yelling,
"You're doing it wrong"
All those people having to drive around me- The humiliation- And I couldn't find my hazard lights!
I thought I was so smart to wait forever with my car off with the windows rolled down and the breeze from the myriad cars racing passed us.
But I forgot that my lights were on, there was a light in the back on (and who knows how long it had been left on) and the key was in the ignition.
It was 104 degrees.
Fortunately April Clinger was ahead of me in line.
I sent out the distress call and she came to my aid.
She picked up the kids and then came back to jump the car.
We both called our husbands.
Robert said, "red is negative, black is positive, start with negative to ground it."
Matt (her husband) said the opposite.
Apparently it doesn't matter, you just need to make sure whatever color you put on the negative in one car you do it to the other car- and the same goes with positive.
Mr. York, the principle came out to "save the day"-
We got the car going and what would have had me in tears had me giggling-
Thanks April!
I had my camera in the purse, but thought it innapropriate to keep the traffic at bay for any longer than necessary-


Jan said...

Oh, my. This is the very reason I am not chancing the pick-up line at the school (I pick up a couple of neighbor kids each day and stay with them for an hour or so till Mom gets home from her teaching job) -- I'm parking and walking down the block and back again. I'm too old to be humiliated at the school.

You are amazing -- Mrs. Fix-it!

April said...

You are too funny! I am glad we all pulled together and got the job done! Makes for some excitement on the first week of school! Kudos to Mr. York for rolling up those sleeves and putting a little grease action in!

4Girls4Me said...

You are hilarious! I am terrified of making a carpool mistake! :) I can't even imagine... :)

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