Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Happy Spring

Here in the south, Easter Celebrations begin on Good Friday.
Since I was raised in the Godless North I don't recall anything special that day or even being off of school, but here in the south we celebrate Christian Holidays.

As is the now custom, We had an EGGSTRAVAGANZA at
Ari's House. Her mom "aunt Connie" and Myriam are
quintesential hostesses. Being from Monterey Mexico means the party is
Well technically Connie was born and raised in Houston-
but was we say in Brazil. "com vivencia"
A delicious lunch, awesome punch and desserts
and then the HUNT!

I lost count of all the kiddos and older brothers and sisters but there were a lot.
Alice was doing a make up day for art with Alex, but we brought her home some eggs.
Saturday was glamour shots day (pictures to follow) but check out
Manti Photography (on my links to the left) for some of their magic!
Here is David hiding eggs at Grandma Dorothy's house on Easter Sunday.
He doesn't look like the sullen tweener that he's become, after all he heard
there was cold hard cash in some of the eggs.

And here is Joely finding all the loot.
Great Aunt Lisa looted the dollar store and Target and
"hid" all the goodies in the yard.
There were fairy wings, slippers, play dough, chocolate bubbles, bad teeth
kites, jewelry etc.
Anything that could be hung in trees, shoved in a bush or placed in a fence slat was purchased.

Alice in her over the top glam shades.
Joely and the bubbles, she declared,
"I got everything I ever wanted"
And so did Robert and I.
It was a wonderful day.
Again the family only asked us to bring drinks and we came home with
a brisket and a ham, plus desserts.
Being the only one with kids, I guess makes us look pathetic-
I know I won't be cooking today, tomorrow or probably until next Sunday!

Holy Coupons Batman