Saturday, January 02, 2010

Alice is Seven!!

Instead of taking pictures on her birthday I filmed her on the Flip camera- now to make some videos of that - when I do they'll be on you tube-
Anyhoo- here she is at my mom's house on the day after her birthday.
Her birthday is on the 27th, so before church she opened her presents. She got a bunch of new clothes from us and a cool art kit from my parents. As of today she hasn't visited her other grandparents for her gifts.
You may be thinking, clothes how lame? But don't worry. In lieu of a birthday party she accepted to fabulous events. The first was on Thursday, she went to to the Houston Zoo for a Day camp at Camp Zoofari. This was an all day event with other 6 and 7 year olds. She learned about Arctic animals. Ask her about blubber, she'll tell you all of its benefits. Alice wants to be a zookeeper when she grows up and possibly an orka trainer. To quote her, "Mom, when I learn something about animals it just sticks to me." It's true, thanks to Alice and her love of the Animal Planet and the Zoo, we've learned all kinds of great facts, like Koala babies eat their mom's poo. Sounds wierd huh? Well click here and scroll down to breeding.
The other fun thing she's going to do is spend the night at the zoo in March with her Dad. Technically it falls on his birthday, but it's really her big present.
Here are some fun things about Alice
1. She's an excellent reader.
2. Although she thinks she's "not any good at math" she has consistantly earned 100's on her math tests.
3. She takes art lessons once a week and her skills are improving.
4. She isn't fancy, she only wants her hair combed down straight, no clips, barrettes, or headbands.
5. She can't be near scizzors and not create something. Usually its a napkin or a paper plate, whatever is handy.
6. Her dad is her favorite person.
7. She can talk to animals and they listen to her. I need to get that on video, it's rather uncanny.
8. She'd rather watch anything on Animal planet than a cartoon.
9. She loves to visit her grandparents.
10. She loves school.
We are so glad we have our "baby" Alice.

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