Wednesday, March 04, 2009

David's Deep Thoughts

David tend to think deep and share his thoughts while I'm in the car alone with him. Either driving him to his "tutoring" at Grandma Mullens house or on the way to Webelo Scouts. I guess he doesn't have much opportunity to talk to me uninterrupted except when we are driving around, just the two of us.
So last night on the way to Cub Scouts he's asking about the Ressurection. This is a subject that always fascinates him. He asks about the animals, hair etc. This conversation went a little different. Here it is.
D- "So mom, when we ressurect when is that going to happen?"
Me" Well we dont' know when, but when Jesus Comes Again he will call out and all the people will ressurrect, but not necessarily at the same time."
D-"what if I'm still alive then?"
Me," Well then your body will change in a "twinkling of an eye" is what the scriptures say."
D-"I wonder how that will feel"
Me'"I don't know"
D-"so will we still be able to have children after the ressurection?"
Me-"Hmm, I guess so- but I don't know"
D-"I see a flaw in the plan then."
Me'"what's the flaw mr. David?"
d-"well if nobody is ever going to die, yet we still have children, eventually the earth will run out of room"
Me-"Wow david I never thought about that."
And I was struck dumb for a spell.
David never ceases to amaze me the depth that he can think at his young age of ten. He's a real blessing and I'm glad to be his mom.

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