Friday, October 03, 2008

Portrait of an Unhappy Heart

For my dear readers that are following this blog- Joely is taking a nap, she's in a diaper during her sleep, so I thought I'd share a little diddy about Precious Prince David.

Last Night apparently David lost his mind and made a rare bad choice. The only consequence that fit the crime was the worst one known to David--- NO VIDEO GAMES ON FRIDAY-- ever Since first grade for D-money (as we like to call him) and Q-bone and now Allie Cat- we don't allow video games during the week, it was a smart request from his principal, Kim Buckner of Henderson ISD, in east texas. (I think that was a way run on sentence) So DAVID loves the weekends, he usually makes good choices all week, he literally can not stand to lose this privilige, except for last night.

When he got off the bus, he looked liked a slinky. So low to the ground were his precious shoulders. He begged to be able to earn back his precious video games, but I explained that "Rules and Consequences prove that we love you." He quietely muttered, "I don't feel the love" So I told him he could help me make a snack that my friend Jo told me about. I found it on Rachel Ray's website, It's called Banana Sushi.
He said he'd be glad to help, if afterwards he could play his Xbox 360, I told him no X box, so he said he'd help but (and he did have a wee twinkle in his eye when he said it) he would NOT have a happy heart.

So this is him not having a happy heart, and doing his darndest to not smile.

And this is him with his creation in his mouth, again no smiles

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Mullens Family mantra of a "happy heart." It started innocently enough with a family home evening lesson about happy hearts. When the kids are irritated about chores etc, I remind them of their Happy Hearts, It used to bring smile and joy to their faces, but now it brings evil smiles and rolled eyes, nonetheless, I perservere! And sometimes, on the rare days that I grumble, they remind me to have my happy heart.

Robert will be Happy


I'm boycotting Dancing with the Stars this season, after Monday nights choice of music and the young kid trying to act sexy and the dominatrix/trannie outfits. I guess I"ve lost my sense of humor, but I DO NOT like the song "I kissed a girl" and it's wildy innapropriate for a show that sells itself as family entertainment. I guess the funny thing is that Lance Bass danced to it and he's not attracted to girls, so it was supposed to be tongue in cheek.

That song is hideous, I was listenting to a regular radio station instead of a cd one evening and it came on and I found myself singing along with it, I still can hear the chorus and it appals me! Seriously- and then my friend who lives in Blackfoot IDAHO, the potato capital of the world, tells me she passed the high school and saw two girls making out- this is in podunk Idaho--- I'm thinking that the media that makes this all mainstream is helping to encourage children- YES CHILDREN- to make lifestyle choices they are not equipped to make and will be very hard to come back from.

Stepping off my soapbox-

I'll be out of touch for awhile, we/I are potty training with Joely. So far I'm getting trained on her physical cues and although she had only one success she has had her accidents in the bathroom, so I think she'll be good to go pretty quickly, but it takes CONSTANT VIGILENCE, so I won't be able to e-mail, blog or basically use the phone for a couple of weeks, If you need me I'll be sitting on the side of the bathtub, cheering on the cutest little Mullens of them all.

I changed the music to reflect Joely's taste. I also added a personal favorite, "the rainbow connection" Recently I fell in love with it again because it was sung on the Office in pig latin. But it's been a personal favorite for years. Here is a funny memory- I always associate it now with a very very young 12 year old Chris Mason. I can still picture his angelic little face and his proud mom! He Sang it at a Talent Show in I think 1985?? He was adorable up there with all his confidence. I wonder, does he still sing? Does he still know the song by heart? Does he remember the Talent show? Also why do I only remember his performance and not any other?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Queen Bee

Today Alice told me that when she grows up she wants to be the Queen Bee. I had to fight the urge to sarcastically respond by saying, "sweetheart you are already there!"

She also told me she was planning on adopting children so I could be a grandma and that she wasn't going to take her children to church because she'd hate to bore her children! AWWWW the pay that doesn't come in an envelope!
Here is Alice pictured without a happy heart while "helping/being forced to help" us clean up the backyard one day post Hurricane Ike

Holy Coupons Batman