Friday, October 03, 2008

Portrait of an Unhappy Heart

For my dear readers that are following this blog- Joely is taking a nap, she's in a diaper during her sleep, so I thought I'd share a little diddy about Precious Prince David.

Last Night apparently David lost his mind and made a rare bad choice. The only consequence that fit the crime was the worst one known to David--- NO VIDEO GAMES ON FRIDAY-- ever Since first grade for D-money (as we like to call him) and Q-bone and now Allie Cat- we don't allow video games during the week, it was a smart request from his principal, Kim Buckner of Henderson ISD, in east texas. (I think that was a way run on sentence) So DAVID loves the weekends, he usually makes good choices all week, he literally can not stand to lose this privilige, except for last night.

When he got off the bus, he looked liked a slinky. So low to the ground were his precious shoulders. He begged to be able to earn back his precious video games, but I explained that "Rules and Consequences prove that we love you." He quietely muttered, "I don't feel the love" So I told him he could help me make a snack that my friend Jo told me about. I found it on Rachel Ray's website, It's called Banana Sushi.
He said he'd be glad to help, if afterwards he could play his Xbox 360, I told him no X box, so he said he'd help but (and he did have a wee twinkle in his eye when he said it) he would NOT have a happy heart.

So this is him not having a happy heart, and doing his darndest to not smile.

And this is him with his creation in his mouth, again no smiles

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Mullens Family mantra of a "happy heart." It started innocently enough with a family home evening lesson about happy hearts. When the kids are irritated about chores etc, I remind them of their Happy Hearts, It used to bring smile and joy to their faces, but now it brings evil smiles and rolled eyes, nonetheless, I perservere! And sometimes, on the rare days that I grumble, they remind me to have my happy heart.


Kristy said...

We have had the "Video Games only on weekends" since Nick was 8, and I love it.

Jan said...

You are a smart, loving mama. Your kids don't realize how lucky they are -- but they will. You're doing it right. Love you!

Kristy said...

Hey girl,
Did you ever get your cards from me????
Did you send yours yet? Just wondering because I wanted to do a post about our card club:)

Nichole said...

I'm going to adopt the Mullens mantra. I'm pretty sure Naomi will hate it....especially when her friends are around. Oh, to torment my child gives me a happy heart. Is that bad?

4Girls4Me said...

That's funny. Poor David. I totally love the Happy Heart!
My girls are SO not into the Xbox 360, much to their Daddy's disappointment. But they aren't allowed watch TV during the week - I love that rule. It can turn a nice Saturday into a Disney Channel Marathon though...

Aryn said...

"So low to the ground were his precious shoulders." You crack me up, Kareena. I can totally picture all of this, and I agree with Jan Mason... you're a great mama.

Allie said...

Way to go Mom of the Year! You surely have a happy heart knowing that you teach your children so well.

Aryn said...

ok, I still laugh out loud at this post title every time I check this blog and you have not posted something new... it's so... you somehow. I love it.

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